Current release 0.11 - May 10, 2000

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Version 0.11 is out! Please check the changes and the todo list.

The major new feature is a market open/close timer. You pass the market open/close time from the command line and wmstock will not waste your bandwidth or CPU by downloading stock quotes when the market is closed. (It does not check Saturday, Sunday, or holidays yet).

I also made some fixes in the PERL script and added some help for getting it to compile on HP-UX.

bug reports, suggestions, patches, and flames, but be gentle. to contact me email

There is a Free BSD port available! You can grab it at

Will Andrews and Thomas Gellekum worked on the port. It uses fetch instead of wget which solves some problems wget was having on FreeBSD.

Note -- this will download the port tarfile, not the actual program itself. FreeBSD users will need to have an installed Ports Collection to use the wmstock port for install wmstock.

New in release 0.11...

Download the source

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