Ramen Now App for iPhone

The WSJ has a story about a new iPhone app called Ramen Now which can help you find ramen when travelling. Unfortunately the app is only available in Japanese and presumably only useful in places with lots of ramen shops (like Japan).

Check it out the iTunes App Story entry here.

Ramen Salad with Cucumber and Mango

I found this recipe at the Orange County Register and it sounds pretty good. Normally I don't really like cucumber, but I think in this recipe it would be good.

Recipe: Noodle Salad with Cucumber and Mango

Axis of Evil Gets Free Ramen

If you were curious how important ramen is for the diets of many people in the world, check out what South Korea is doing: South Korea is shipping 3 million cups of ramen to North Korea, along with some rice and cement. Let's hope that they don't weaponize it.

Don’t Ship Flavor Packets From Jail

Top Ramen “Thai Flavor” flavor packet apparently can cause a “respiratory reaction in mail room workers”, so listen up inmates, don’t mail it or the man will come down on you!

An Oregon State Inmate is likely to face a disciplinary hearing after a powdery substance was discovered in an outgoing envelope by mail room workers.

The Oregon Department of Corrections says they determined Tuesday that a peppery substance was Thai Flavor Top Ramen powder.

But is ramen really a “foreign substance”?

… inmates are not allowed to send any foreign substance through the mail, so any inmate found responsible by investigators will face misconduct charges and a disciplinary hearing.

I Need Recipes

I was hoping to post a recipe tonight, but ever since I posted the email address directly on the site, the number of recipes I’ve received has fallen precipitously. If you have a great ramen recipe, send it to ramen@mattfischer.com.

If instead, you want to send me notes about how you found (rocks, a needle, no flavor packet) in your ramen and that if I don't pay up now, you're going to sue me, I only accept those if they are hand-delivered by a rider on an large-taloned eagle.

Ramen Shops

When I first started this site back in 1996, I didn’t even know that ramen shops existed. Now they are in every major city in the US. The town I live in only has about 120,000 people and has no ramen shop. Have you guys ever been to one?

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