No, I Won’t Fix Your Problem

To the users who keep posting comments with your full name, email, and phone number, I don't care that you got a bad packet of ramen. Why? Because I don't make ramen; I'm just a guy with a blog. From now on, I'm going to start a special section for you and move all your comments there. You've been warned.

PS - If your email address ends in, this is probably directed to you!

Answering Random Questions

1) Do you know why I cannot find instant wonton soup anymore at my local store? No.

2) Do you sell seasoning packets separately from the ramen? Actually I don’t sell anything at all (besides the links), but I think it’s a good idea.

3) Why can’t I find my favorite brand at my local store anymore? Sorry, I don't know. See Questions 1 & 2.

How Blogs Work… FAQ

So, yet again, someone from “that domain” posted a comment asking for someone to call him regarding finding something bad in his ramen. Included was his full name, phone number, and city/state where he lives (Atlanta). For the benefit of everyone who comes to this blog from "that domain", here is a simple FAQ about comments on this blog.

  1. If I post my phone number and name in a comment, will it be published?
    YES. Anything you put in a comment, so long as it is not moderated or caught by the spam filter WILL BE PUBLISHED FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE.
  2. Should I post other personal information in a comment?
    See Question 1.
  3. Do you, the owner of this blog, have any relationship with any ramen manufacturer?
    No, I write this blog for fun.
  4. Well then if that's the case, who do I complain too about problems with my ramen???
    Try contacting the manufacturer. If you had a problem with your Ford, would you go to and ask them to call you? If you didn't like a TV show, would you call TV Guide and complain?

Being “Official”

People sometimes ask why/how this is the “Official Ramen Homepage”. Being official is pretty easy. You put up a page in the 1995/1996 timeframe, and add the word "Official" to the title. As long as you are the first and the best, there's no problem.

Of course, being Official does cause me some headaches. There are lots of people out there who come to this page to:

  1. complain that the ramen they bought (presumably from me) had some problem
  2. ask me to work with their import/export company to sell ramen in country X

The point of this post is to hopefully head-off emails on topics 1 and 2 in the future.

PS - Can anyone guess from which domain I get most of the type 1 complaints?

More FAQs

About this blog…

  1. How old is this Blog/Site?
  2. I started this blog my freshman year at UM-Rolla. That was 1995/1996 timeframe. At the time the page was a set of static HTML pages. This was back in the day when Netscape Navigator was the cool web browser and "page backgrounds" were a cool new feature.

  3. What is your favorite brand of ramen?
  4. I really don't have a favorite brand. I think that ramen is really what you do with it, meaning, it depends alot on what you add to your noodles. For the bowl-noodles, I really prefer the Japanese brands, but for regular ramen, any brand is fine. When I was in college, I liked Smack Ramen, mainly since it was cheap.

  5. Where do you live now?
  6. I live and work in Fort Collins, Colorado. I have also lived in Dallas (Plano), Texas, and Charleston, West Virginia.

  7. Do you work for, or represent, a ramen manufacturer? Can I complain about bad ramen to you? Can you send me free ramen?
  8. No, No, and No. I run this site as a hobby. If you want to contact a ramen manufacturer, use the links on the right hand side.

  9. How much time do you spend on this site?
  10. Since I switched to the blog, the site is very easy to maintain. I spend some time with postings and fighting comment spammers, but thats about it. My guess is 2-3 hours per week.

Recipe Posting Policies

Some folks have asked how I decide to post recipes on the site. Here are the basics.

How do I decide which recipes to post?

Its a complex process, involving many steps. Basically, if the same recipe is already on the site, or one that is very similar, I wont post the recipe. If it sounds really really gross, I wont post it.

Do I edit recipes?

Yes. I edit some recipes for spelling and/or grammar. I may also remove editorial comments that are not really part of the recipe.

How long does it take to post?

Depends on how busy I am. I usually go through the recipes every few weeks. If you provided a valid email address, I will write back to you and let you know that your recipe has been posted.


  1. Do you represent any ramen manufacturers? How can I contact a manufacturer?

    No. I am just a person, not a ramen company. See my ramen manufacturer page for company contact information.

  2. How do you pronounce the word RAMEN?

    The answer is rah-men, not RAY-men. At least this is how I pronounce it, so it must be correct

  3. How to Cook Ramen in the microwave
    • To cook a package of Ramen noodles in an 1100W microwave, crumble the back into a bowl with a round bottom. Add ½ cup water and stir to wet all the noodles as thoroughly as possible. Cover the bowl (use plastic wrap film if it doesn't have a cover).
    • Cook 1½ minutes on HIGH. Quickly stir again to be sure everything is wetted.
    • Cook 1½ minutes at 30% power.
  4. Can I do an interview? Can I put a link to your page in an article?

    Yes. If you put a link or pictures, whatever, I request that you mail me a copy of the article or magazine. I am available for interviews, please email me well in advance as I dont check the ramen mailbox everyday.

  5. Can I buy ramen on-line?

    Yes you can, look under Links/Shop For Ramen..