The Ramen Diary: 7 Days of the Noodle Follow-up

Well, it looks like she did it. Addie Broyles in Austin managed to navigate another week on the poorly designed interstate system and eat ramen for 7 days, with her family's support! (I've never been able to get my wife to buy in to this kind of thing). As long as you ignore the opening sentence and the finger-wagging about nutrition this is a great article, including some of the recipes.

Great story with a nice photo collage as well.


Ramen noodles aren't exactly the pharaoh of the food pyramid, but at less than 20 cents a package, they are cheap and easy to make, which makes them a favorite among college students. Just the thought of opening the crinkly plastic package and dumping a block of noodles into boiling water might take you back in time.

But in a recession like this one, maybe it's time to give ramen another chance.

With a few vegetables, an open mind and suggestions from ramen lovers on Twitter, could I turn that brightly colored package of ramen noodles into the base of a really good meal? To find out, I proposed a weeklong challenge to my husband: to make ramen interesting enough to eat for seven days in a row.