Ramen in shirt.woot.com Derby

UPDATE AGAIN: One of these awesome shirts (the first one listed below). You can buy it for $15 here, starting on Oct 3.

shirt.woot.com has a “shirt derby” where you can vote to pick the best designs which then will presumably be made into t-shirts. I don’t know all the details and can't seem to find them, but there are at least three great Ramen themed shirts in the contest.

Shirt 1 - Almost Too Complicated - directions for cooking, in case you forget.

Shirt 2 - Midnight Noodles

Shirt 3 - The Essential College Shirt - featuring microwave directions!

UPDATE: One of the ramen shirts, Almost Too Complicated, is in the finals. Not sure if voting is over or not, I was going to post this earlier but their site was broken for a day.