Smoked Mussel Ramen

I have never purchased smoked mussels in oil, or any mussels in any substance in a can. I did once eat some sardines that someone brought to a Boy Scout camping trip once. It was dark and I was hungry. I bought another can a few weeks later and found that I couldn't eat them in the light. Are smoked mussels cheap protein like sardines or are they something you can only get at Whole Foods?

Submitted By: River Styx

Submitted From: California!


  • 2 packages Chicken Flavored top ramen
  • Regular sized can of stir-fry straw mushrooms
  • One can Smoked Mussels in oil
  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Thai Chili Sauce (Tastes sweet/hot)
  • Oyster sauce (Suggested)
  • Cooking oil
  • Chop sticks (Forks are so boring)

In a pot: Boil water, crush the noodles into smaller cubes of four (Crush them in a bag one way, then another) Toss the noodles in, be sure not to overcook. They should still look/taste/feel slightly undercooked when done. Drain completely with a strainer, add the seasoning packet and stir. Put this off to the side. In a frying pan: Light oil, Medium heat. Wait until warmed up. Throw in the whole can of mushrooms (After you drain the water) and the whole can of mussels (After you drain the oil) Season with garlic and onion powder and oyster sauce (It is up to you the amount you use) Cook for about 4 minutes, stir often. Throw in the seasoned noodles. Lower heat slightly and then cook for another 5 minutes or less. Keep stirring until mushrooms/mussels are well blended with the noodles. Should be nice and hot and the noodles should be perfectly done. Pour out onto a plate, use your "Thai chili sauce" on each bite for an extra sweet yet spicy taste. If you shopped around and got the best prices, this whole meal should cost roughly 2.50$, serve with a side of vegetables and possibly some mashed potato for a meal that will keep you full most of the day. Credits to me 🙂

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