Gerber Unveils New Top Ramen Baby Food

Gerber is announcing a new product this week, baby food made out of Top Ramen noodles!

Gerber Top Ramen Dinner

Gerber Top Ramen Dinner should be hitting the shelves by May and is part of Gerber's "2nd Foods" line. The "2nd Foods" line is for after you give your baby the basics like creamed veggies and fruits. Since I have a seven month old myself, I think this a great idea. Kids will love the flavor of the noodles and it's healthier than something like mac and cheese.

Top Ramen was chosen to partner with Gerber and the company said that they believe this to be a "great opportunity to get kids hooked on Top Ramen early" and that it will "be the primary driver of sales growth in our best demographic". Top Ramen also hopes to release what they are calling a "Mommy and Me" double pack, which will contain one pack of regular Top Ramen and one jar of Top Ramen Dinner from Gerber.

The only problem I see is that the jars will have the noodles cooked until they are basically mush since babies would find it hard to eat those long noodles. I guess the full-sized "adult" noodles have to wait until the kid is old enough to hold a fork or chop sticks.

I'll post another update after I get to buy some of these, I'm curious to see if they really kept the Top Ramen flavor true to style and what varieties will be available.