NorCal County Jail Ramen

I should have called this Hella Cella Ramen since it’s from NorCal. Anyone here tried mackerel in oil? I ate sardines once while camping with the Boy Scouts, turns out it’s better when your’re cold and eating it in the dark.

Submitted By:Kasper
Submitted From: Bay Area California


  • 1 package Ramen noodles and flavor pack
  • 2 packets of mayo
  • 1 packet of mackerel in oil
  • 1-2 hard boiled eggs
  • Optional - 2 slices of bread or a tortilla

Heat up your Ramen noodles and drain liquid. Stir in the mayo and flavor pack to taste. Add in the eggs, and mash with fork spoon till crumbled. Stir in whole mackerel package(including oil). If desired, you can combine the dish with bread or a tort to make a finger food meal. Enjoy. 😀

EDIT: I've been informed, no forks in jail, so I've changed it to spoon!

EDIT AGAIN: Fixed my grammar error. I don't want any inmates to mess up your and you're.