Sesame Grilled Ramen

Submitted By: Terri Armour

Submitted From: Tacoma, WA


  • Asparagus spears (snapped at the joint)
  • ramen noodles
  • Sesame oil
  • Chicken breast – uncooked
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Optional: instant alfredo sauce

Boil ramen noodles (save the flavor packet – any flavor), drain off the
water & set them aside. Take the sesame oil packet, attempt to open it
with teeth, attempt to open it with knife & get most of the oil on your
fingers, lips & counter. Get another packet & a pair of scissors, gently
clip a corner & pour the oil onto a small plate. Take a flavor packet &
sprinkle a little over the sesame oil. Brush (or whatever method you
choose) the chicken breast with the flavored oil, both sides & BBQ – yes,
BBQ, it’s the only was to get the right flavor. Roll the asparagus spears
in the sesame oil until well coated & throw them on the BBQ until just
tender, but still a little crunchy – DO NOT OVER GRILL THE ASPARAGUS! or
you’ll hate this dish.

Cut the asparagus & the chicken into chunks. Pour the rest of the flavor
packet into the drained noodles along with some sunflower seeds. A little
green onion adds some zip, but the grilled sesame asparagus is the key –
really ads an interesting flavor to the noodles.