How Blogs Work… FAQ

So, yet again, someone from “that domain” posted a comment asking for someone to call him regarding finding something bad in his ramen. Included was his full name, phone number, and city/state where he lives (Atlanta). For the benefit of everyone who comes to this blog from "that domain", here is a simple FAQ about comments on this blog.

  1. If I post my phone number and name in a comment, will it be published?
    YES. Anything you put in a comment, so long as it is not moderated or caught by the spam filter WILL BE PUBLISHED FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE.
  2. Should I post other personal information in a comment?
    See Question 1.
  3. Do you, the owner of this blog, have any relationship with any ramen manufacturer?
    No, I write this blog for fun.
  4. Well then if that's the case, who do I complain too about problems with my ramen???
    Try contacting the manufacturer. If you had a problem with your Ford, would you go to and ask them to call you? If you didn't like a TV show, would you call TV Guide and complain?