More FAQs

About this blog…

  1. How old is this Blog/Site?
  2. I started this blog my freshman year at UM-Rolla. That was 1995/1996 timeframe. At the time the page was a set of static HTML pages. This was back in the day when Netscape Navigator was the cool web browser and "page backgrounds" were a cool new feature.

  3. What is your favorite brand of ramen?
  4. I really don't have a favorite brand. I think that ramen is really what you do with it, meaning, it depends alot on what you add to your noodles. For the bowl-noodles, I really prefer the Japanese brands, but for regular ramen, any brand is fine. When I was in college, I liked Smack Ramen, mainly since it was cheap.

  5. Where do you live now?
  6. I live and work in Fort Collins, Colorado. I have also lived in Dallas (Plano), Texas, and Charleston, West Virginia.

  7. Do you work for, or represent, a ramen manufacturer? Can I complain about bad ramen to you? Can you send me free ramen?
  8. No, No, and No. I run this site as a hobby. If you want to contact a ramen manufacturer, use the links on the right hand side.

  9. How much time do you spend on this site?
  10. Since I switched to the blog, the site is very easy to maintain. I spend some time with postings and fighting comment spammers, but thats about it. My guess is 2-3 hours per week.