Review: Long Kow Crystal Noodle – Spicy Sesame

Today for lunch, I decided to dig into my box of goodies from I decided on the Long Kow Crystal Noodle (Spicy Sesame Paste) flavor. The noodles in this are the translucent crystal noodles, which are thin and have a good flavor and texture. Also included was a soup cube, a compressed cube version of the standard flavor pack, and sesame paste. I made a mistake when I boiled the water in that I didn't boil enough, so I'd recommend you boil 2 cups or more so you don't run out like I did.

After adding the extra water, I stirred in the soup cube and sat down to eat. The last step of prep is adding the sesame paste. This proved to be difficult. I ended up using the back end of my fork to scrape out the paste. I then stirred the noodles, but a couple chunks of the sesame paste remained. I think next time, I need to warm the paste so that it's easier to extract and dissolve. I have a few more of this type of ramen, so if I figure out the trick, I'll post it here.

Despite my issues with cooking this, I have to say that this ramen was delicious. The noodles were awesome, almost invisible in the soup and with a great texture. The broth was spicy, but not over the top. The soup cube has some seaweed in it that added some flavor and texture. The sesame paste added a note of sesame which is always good on noodles.

I finished the noodles and then gulped the soup. The flavor of the bowl was excellent overall. I don't do star ratings here (that's Hans' gig), but I did enjoy this. I wish the bowl was slightly larger perhaps, and I wish I had a better method for extracting and mixing the sesame paste, but all in all, I liked this one.

Sorry there's no more pictures today. The noodles are so transparent that the picture of the bowl, with flash, made the bowl look empty!