Ramen Causing Global Warming?

A new release from the IPCC shows that ramen noodles can in fact cause up to 13.8% of global warming! The press release from the IPCC is below:

Geneva, Switzerland – March 10, 2010 – The Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) announced today that after further review of the data, ramen noodles manufacturing, transportation, and cooking is responsible for up to 13.8% of annual human based carbon emissions. "Throughout their lifecycle, ramen noodles can emit up to 18.2 quadrillion tons of CO2," stated Christopher Field, Ph.D., Co-chair of IPCC Working Group on Noodles. "We ask that everyone reduce their consumption of ramen, or if you must eat ramen, share with friend, or use the microwave to heat the noodles."

What can you do to reduce your carbon footprint? If you're not into sharing your noodles, the best way is simply to eat your ramen without cooking it. Simply crush the noodles in the bag, open the bag, and add some seasoning. It can make a tasty and satisfying snack and still be better for the planet.

Full text of the press release, including tables and figures is available on the IPCC website.