Cajun Hang-Over Ramen

A hang-over cure from cajun land. I gar-wan-tee! Submitted By: Chaumont Submitted From: Louisiana (Cajunland) Ingredients: 1 hangover 1 package Smack Hot and Spicy Ramen 6 or so leftover boiled crawfish from night before. 1 tblspoon of Swamp Fire crawfish boil seasoning Start water boiling as per ramen instructions. When water boils add noodles, packet, … Continue reading “Cajun Hang-Over Ramen”

Vegetarian Ramen

Submitted By: Nate Dogg Submitted From: Kingwood College Ingredients: oriental or hot and spicy smack ramen; no meat flavors broccoli(about 3/4 cup) mushrooms (4 quartered) good ones if you got-em red devil hot sauce (three tablespoons) or comparable brand grey poupon mustard (two tablespoons) soy sauce (two tablespoons) Tony Chacheres cajun seasoning (1 tablespoon) Mix … Continue reading “Vegetarian Ramen”