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Sep 202010

Top Ramen “Thai Flavor” flavor packet apparently can cause a “respiratory reaction in mail room workers”, so listen up inmates, don’t mail it or the man will come down on you!

An Oregon State Inmate is likely to face a disciplinary hearing after a powdery substance was discovered in an outgoing envelope by mail room workers.

The Oregon Department of Corrections says they determined Tuesday that a peppery substance was Thai Flavor Top Ramen powder.

But is ramen really a “foreign substance”?

… inmates are not allowed to send any foreign substance through the mail, so any inmate found responsible by investigators will face misconduct charges and a disciplinary hearing.

Jun 202010

It seems that jail is like a movie theater in that they know that they can gouge you for the snacks, the good news is that you don’t have to watch Ben Affleck or Nicholas CoppolaCage films in jail most nights. I know that around here (in Colorado), ramen is not 10 cents a pack, even at Sams Club, but it is certainly not $1.06 per pack either.


The price of instant noodles and candy bars in the Bucks County Prison became a subject of discussion this week as the county commissioners considered a contract with a company to supply snacks, clothing and toiletries to inmates.

A female inmate interviewed during a 2008 inspection complained that Ramen noodles available for 10 cents in a food store cost $1.06 in the prison, according to notes Marseglia provided. The price of Ramen is now listed as 95 cents. Another prisoner complained in a March letter to Marseglia about the $2.75 price of Little Debbie Snack Cakes.

After the meeting, Marseglia said dissatisfaction among prisoners is harmful to the atmosphere at the facility.

“When you treat people in such a way that you make people feel they are being gouged, you create a hostile environment and you put our workers at risk,” Marseglia said. “When you put our workers at risk, you are putting tax dollars at risk. And you’re certainly not creating an environment where you can change people’s attitudes about society.”

Ramen Noodles in Jail: Serious Business

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Apr 142009

A post from the land of beef barbecue, SUVs, and big flags, where I am currently vacationing. Don’t mess with a man’s ramen, bro!

“Marion, Ohio: An inmate remains hospitalized after being involved in a fight he said was about a cup of ramen noodles at the county jail this week.”


Jan 302009

I should have called this Hella Cella Ramen since it’s from NorCal. Anyone here tried mackerel in oil? I ate sardines once while camping with the Boy Scouts, turns out it’s better when your’re cold and eating it in the dark.

Submitted By:Kasper
Submitted From: Bay Area California


  • 1 package Ramen noodles and flavor pack
  • 2 packets of mayo
  • 1 packet of mackerel in oil
  • 1-2 hard boiled eggs
  • Optional – 2 slices of bread or a tortilla

Heat up your Ramen noodles and drain liquid. Stir in the mayo and flavor pack to taste. Add in the eggs, and mash with fork spoon till crumbled. Stir in whole mackerel package(including oil). If desired, you can combine the dish with bread or a tort to make a finger food meal. Enjoy. 😀

EDIT: I’ve been informed, no forks in jail, so I’ve changed it to spoon!

EDIT AGAIN: Fixed my grammar error. I don’t want any inmates to mess up your and you’re.

Feb 152006

Apparently jails in the Pacific Northwest have plenty of fresh oranges.

Submitted By: Gary
Submitted From: Portland, Oregon, USA


  • one pack of ramen (don’t use the flavoring packet)
  • 1/2 can white chicken (4 oz. can)
  • cheddar cheese spread
  • chili garlic sauce
  • honey
  • 1 small orange

Microwave ramen for 2 minutes and drain. Stir in cheddar cheese spread. Add small amount of chili garlic sauce. Add honey and chicken and juice from one orange.

Jan 282006

Recipes from jail are always a favorite here…

Submitted By: Nichelle
Submitted From: Cleveland, Ohio


  • Chicken flavored Ramen (keep the packet… you need it)
  • Cheddar Cheese (as much as you want in any style)
  • Some type of lunch meat (preferably bologna or turkey… bacon is good too)
  • Barbecue Potato Chips (any kind will work but I like these best)
  • Honey
  • Miracle Whip (sorry regular mayo wont work for this!)

Cook the ramen as you normally would. Drain all of the water and quickly put into bowl. Add as much Miracle Whip as you want. Add the cheese while the ramen is still warm. Crush up the chips and toss those in. Then add in your meat (sliced up of course) then put some honey on top. Sprinkle your chicken packet in and mix it up good but don\’t put too much honey in… it’s sweet already. My uncle who served a year gave me this recipe and it’s AMAZING!

Apr 012005

Submitted By: Brett
Submitted From: Houston, TX, USA


  • 3-4 – Ramen soups (spicy or beef)
  • 1 – Squeeze Cheese
  • 1 – Can Chilli no beans
  • 1 – Summer Sausage
  • Couple handfulls of cornchips
  • Couple jalapenos

Note: I am always a sucker for recipes from jail. Also, they let you have hot pots in jail? Sounds more like college to me.

Open all noodles and place inside some type plastic bag (lg. corn chip bag works great). Add cornchips and crush mix thouroughly (don’t leave any large chunks), then add the seasoning packs. Then bring some water to boil in your hotpot. While your water heats up go ahead and slice up your jalapenos and summer sausage. Once the water is hot enough, pour into your bag with the noodle/chip/seasoning mix. Important: add just enough water to come up just below top of mix (don’t drown them).Refill pot and heat can of chilli in it. Knead and work the bag with noodles in it around mixing thouroughly. Once this is done lay bag out and flatten down evenly, making dough/crust. If you’ve done this correctly there shouldn’t be alot of water running out if there is add more crushed chips and mix untill thickens. Fold end of bag, secure with paper clip, and wrap with towel to insulate and let “cook” for about 10 mins. Once done cut bag down middle and bottom and spread open. Noodles should remain in rectangular shape and be stuck together (like dough). Pour your chilli over top and spread evenly (if too runny add a few crushed corn chips to thicken mix. Then comes a layer of squeeze cheese, topped with summer sausage and jalapenos. Slice evenly and enjoy with your cell mates. Yum.

LA County Orange Chicken Ramen

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Nov 262011

The comments responding to this post are full of hidden jail gems for recipes. The one I just found was for Orange Chicken, similar to this Orange Chicken in jail recipe but not the same. I’m leaving the original formatting since it makes for a better read. Note that this could also be called Grape Chicken, a recipe you won’t find anywhere else.

Submitted by: Chris
Submitted from: LA County Jail, Los Angeles, CA

One of the best things I used to make in prison was orange chicken. You will need pork cracklins, the big ones from the commisary not from the packages, a lot of jelly, onion, jalepeno, and hot sauce. Boil water in a hot pot, if you are in county, use hot sink water. Put all of the pork cracklins in a plastic bag and add water, let sit for several minutes. Once the cracklins are soft drain the water and then put the cracklins in a bowl. Add a lot of grape jelly and mix up. Break a state razor and cut up the onion and jalepeno very finely. Mix everything together. Then cook some instant rice or ramen and put the mix on top. It was one of my favorites you can also add a little bit of chopped up oranges to it.

Ramen is Top Seller in Rikers Island Commisary

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Mar 072010

Interesting to note that instant ramen is the top seller in the infamous New York City jail, Rikers Island. It is also interesting to note why it’s the top seller.

Just because you’re behind bars doesn’t mean you have to forgo your favorite snack foods and electronics. Today the Post takes a look at some of the stuff for sale to prisoners on Rikers Island, finding that the number one seller is Ramen, which can be had for 35 cents. (Most prisoners discard the noodles and use the flavor packet to spice up bland jail food.)

Full Story is here.

Win Ramen: Student Scavenger Contest 2009

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Oct 172009 is hosting a contest where you can share your story about what you had to do to get free food. The winner gets several hundred dollars and a case of ramen, which is nice. Unfortunately the contest says “no stealing”, so if you survived off of sugar packets from the cafeteria, I guess that doesn’t count. On the other hand, if you committed arson in order to get free food in jail, I guess you’re in.