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Oct 042006

I suppose this is a recipe, but its just for fun IMHO

Submitted By: Charles
Submitted From: California, USA

Nothing extra is needed. Just a fun way to eat ramen.

Prepare as usual, make sure the noodles are not broken and save the seasoning

Drain all the water.

Pour the noodles into a large plastic zipper close bag.

Sprinkle the seasoning and shake/mix with noodles.

Close up the bag with the noodles at the bottom make sure you get out the excess air.

Now just roll up the bag with the noodles pressed into the bottom. Let this settle for a few minutes to take shape.

You should see why my friends call it a Ramen Burrito by the shape.

To eat, just open up the bag and kind of scoot it up to the opening.

It’s easiest to eat using the bag as a wrapper of sorts.

There you have it. A quick easy way to enjoy everyones favorite treat and get big delicious mouthfuls of yummy noodles.

I’m sure you could spice this up a variety of ways, enjoy.

Feb 011998

Submitted By: Joseph Buck

Submitted From: hangin’ On The Pacific Rim

Cook a package of Chicken flavored Top Ramen then drain off
the water except for about 2 tablespoons. Add favor packet and
stir allowing the rising steam to condense the noodles even further.
(Optionals are including some leftover chicken and green peas
if you have them.)
Take 2 burrito sized flour tortillas. In each one add half
of the noodles and roll up into a burrito. Then put a nonstick
frying pan onto the stove at a medium high heat. ADD NO OIL TO
IT. Instead after the pan has warmed up place the burritos into
the dry pan and allow to become slightly crispy and golden brown
on all sides. Serve with a green tomatillo salsa.

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May 262011

The Seattle Weekly has an interesting take on going through 24 hours and eating ramen with every meal and for every snack. I’m on board with some of these, including the breakfast burrito and the salad (which I’ve tried), but I don’t know about the dessert. The dinner idea looks awesome, it’s basically a Shepherd’s pie, and I may just try that the next time my vegetarian wife leaves town. Here’s a sample from the article with the dinner recipe:

Dinner: Ramen Beef Pie

Now that work is over, you can finally go home and enjoy a nice, giant helping of ramen beef pie. It’s like Shepard’s Pie or Pâté Chinois, a dish they serve in Canada, only ramen style.

1. 2 packages of ramen noodles
2. 1 lb of ground beef
3. 1 can of sweet corn
4. 1/2 c of onion
5. vegetable oil

Cook the ramen noodles in a pot for 3 min. Chop the onions, and in a separate pan, heat the onions and brown the ground beef until fully cooked. Then dump it all into a casserole dish, layer the sweet corn on top of that, top it with ramen noodles, and bake in the oven for 10-15 min. You won’t be disappointed.

Full Story Here

Apr 162007

I know some people in Concord, I hope this isn’t theirs!

Submitted By: Adam

Submitted From: Concord, CA

All this ingredients can ordered by inmates in the jails in Contra Costa County. When finished inmates call the stuff \”SPREAD\”


  • Packs Ramen Noodles (spicy chicken is the best)
  • 1 package of cheetos or generic equivalent
  • 1 package of spicy cheetos or generic equivalent
  • 1 Meat Log or 4 of the smaller meat sticks
  • Mayonnaise and tortillas

In jail there are no pots and pans, just a hot water machine, a microwave, small bowls, and garbage bags!

Step 1: The noodles: Smash the packages of noodles into small noodle bits. Take a large garbage bag (a new one) and put the smashed noodle bits inside of it. Fill a pitcher with hot water and put it in the microwave to get it boiling. Pour the boiling water into the bag and tie the bag closed. Let the noodles cook for 10 minutes.

Step 2: The Meat: Tear or cut the meat into small pieces, place all the meat into a bowl, add about a half inch of water and dump all the soup flavoring packets into the bowl. Cook the meat for 3-4 minutes in the microwave.

Step 3: The chips: Smash the bags of chips into dust. You can adjust the ratio of cheesy chips to spicy chips to whatever you like.

Step 4: The Mix: Dump the meat and any juice that is in the bowl into the garbage bag of noodles, Dump the chip dust in as well. Tie the bag back up and mix.

Step 5: Plating” This dish feeds 5 people, it should fill everyones bowl to the top. Use a county issued cup to dish out the spread. Top with a few squirts of mayo and give each person a tortilla.

This stuff makes a good burrito filling. Jail sucks. There are a lot of variations to this recipe of course but this is SPREAD in it’s most simple form. Noodles, chips, meat, mayo.