How My Mom Eats Ramen – Strangely

My mom is from the south (technically I am to, but I left when I was 17), and so she has Southern manners. So, when presented with a super hot bowl of soup and given a pair of chopsticks and a soup spoon, she wasn't sure how to get the noodles into her mouth. I picked up the noodles, waited a few seconds for them to cool and them slurped them into my mouth. My mom, refusing to slurp, put them on a side plate until they cooled and them pushed them onto the spoon. These were the thick udon noodles, my favorite kind, served with vegetables, seafood, and an egg in a pork and seafood broth. The net result is that I don't think she'll order noodles with me again.

I'm sure there's a worse way to eat the noodles, in a restaurant I mean, can you come up with a better one?

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