Very Expensive Ramen

Time Magazine reports on a $300+ bowl of ramen from Taiwan. There’s no way I’m spending $300 on one bowl of ramen. My max would be $20 and even then, it'd have to be pretty awesome.

One bowl of these noodles costs as much as a lifetime supply of Top Ramen. Enjoy responsibly.

But one Taiwanese chef is spicing up the standard noodle soup, with a price tag that could break the bank. Restaurateur Wang Cong-yuan has created the world's most expensive bowl of beef noodles. The price tag stands at $10,000 New Taiwan dollars – a staggering US$324.

Customizable Ramen in Yokohama

Customizable ramen: This is a great idea. I could combine spicy beef ramen, soy sauce, green onions, and sriracha.

A shop inside a ramen museum is offering visitors an unusual souvenir: custom ramen kits.

The shop allows fans of the noodles to choose their own ramen ingredients from among more than 5,000 combinations and take the packages home with them in unique presentation boxes.

They also have the option of having their names and photographs printed on the finished product, which costs about ¥750.

(That's about $9)

Shop staff also give visitors a 20-minute interactive lesson on how to better enjoy the noodles, along with a free tasting.

I can't imagine what you could learn in a 20 minute ramen eating lesson, but obviously I need to start a consulting firm.

PS - Can anyone find the link to "My Ramen Kitchen"? I cannot find it.

Kimchi Ramyeon

Ramyeon is the Korean version of ramen, to put it succinctly. A reader and chef named Marc sent me a link to his beautifully designed site where he has a good recipe for Kimchi Ramyeon. Although I've still never eaten Kimchi, the presentation of this dish looks excellent. The recipe itself is more work than a simple instant noodle with added meat, but it looks like it would be worth it.