Don’t Ship Flavor Packets From Jail

Top Ramen “Thai Flavor” flavor packet apparently can cause a “respiratory reaction in mail room workers”, so listen up inmates, don’t mail it or the man will come down on you!

An Oregon State Inmate is likely to face a disciplinary hearing after a powdery substance was discovered in an outgoing envelope by mail room workers.

The Oregon Department of Corrections says they determined Tuesday that a peppery substance was Thai Flavor Top Ramen powder.

But is ramen really a “foreign substance”?

… inmates are not allowed to send any foreign substance through the mail, so any inmate found responsible by investigators will face misconduct charges and a disciplinary hearing.

I Need Recipes

I was hoping to post a recipe tonight, but ever since I posted the email address directly on the site, the number of recipes I’ve received has fallen precipitously. If you have a great ramen recipe, send it to

If instead, you want to send me notes about how you found (rocks, a needle, no flavor packet) in your ramen and that if I don’t pay up now, you’re going to sue me, I only accept those if they are hand-delivered by a rider on an large-taloned eagle.

Ramen Shops

When I first started this site back in 1996, I didn’t even know that ramen shops existed. Now they are in every major city in the US. The town I live in only has about 120,000 people and has no ramen shop. Have you guys ever been to one?

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