Osaka’s “Uncle Million Yen” Buys Kids Ramen

A mystery customer walked into a ramen shop in Osaka earlier this year and left 1 million Yen (about $11,500) with instructions to buy ramen for kids. CNNGo reports on the follow-through from the ramen shop:

A ramen store in Osaka has followed through on the wishes of a mystery customer who left the shop ¥1 million (US$11,685) and a message “Use this to let children have ramen” on July 27 this year.

Whatever his reasons, the restaurant was able to give 1,540 dishes for free to local children, feeding 70 local junior high school students on the first day and over a thousand more pre-school children and elementary school students over five more days, according to the Mainichi newspaper.

PS – The link is worth clicking just to see the wall of ramen choices which is very cool, although probably unrelated to the actual story.

Mama Pork Flavor Ramen

I pulled the Mama Pork Flavored Ramen out of my Ramenbox tonight and cooked it up. I was interested in this mainly because it was on-top, well, right underneath the onion flavored ramen that came double wrapped. (I am saving that one for when my wife is not home to complain about the smell).

Anyway, this ramen has a unique feature, the spice packet has a side packet that contains chili powder. This let me easily control the level of spice, although for me that was simple, just dump in all the chili powder.

Double sided flavor packet

Something else that I noticed at the bottom, ramen packets are recyclable. Right below the ramen symbol I saw “Product of Thailand, For export only”. I wonder why it is export only? Perhaps because there is no Thai on the packet for instructions or ingredient?

When I dumped the noodles into the water, I found a new surprise, there’s a 2nd flavor packet in there. It was a paste of some sort, so I saved it and added it to the noodles after I strained them. I think it had most of the good flavor in it, but I’m not 100% sure.

Anyway, the flavor was good for this ramen. I should have gone with my gut and ate it as soup, but I really enjoyed the texture of the noodles. The spice left a nice tingle on my lips but was not too much. I find myself without too much to say otherwise about the flavor, mainly, it was porky. I guess it’s a good thing that food reviewer is not my full-time job.

The RamenRater

Hans from sent me a note today about his site. Although it’s been up since 2002, I never knew about it! (You guys really need to keep me informed ;). Anyway, the site is basically a huge list of ramen reviews. Hans has reviewed way more ramen than I have and always has a good set of pictures for each review. Check it out!

PS – Don’t miss Hans’ lowest rating ever, posted just this week.