Don’t Eat Too Much Ramen Says Down Under Doc

My colleague at work “Wild” Bill McCollom sent me this story, but apparently if you eat too much ramen and not enough other stuff, you can get sick. There is no mention as to whether Natural Light offers any complementary nutrition when paired with ramen. Also is this really ground-breaking? Cash-poor students have been eating ramen for years!

The full story is here.

Researchers Dr Danielle Gallegos and Kai Wen Ong surveyed 811 Brisbane-based university students on their household income, health and nutrition status, and access to food.


Dr Gallegos said cash-strapped university students were prioritising university fees, accommodation and bills over "discretionary expenses'' such as food.


"There seems to be an acceptance out there that getting by on less nutritious food is a typical part of being a uni student,'' she said. "But a diet of baked beans and instant noodles is not good enough when health and academic results are at stake.


RamenBox offers the “worlds first customizable box of ramen”, where you pick from over 50 types of “premium ramen” and they put it all together, and mail it to you. These are not your 10 cent packages of ramen, they are more higher end, rare, and more interesting flavors. Personally, I'd like to try WuMu Garlic Sesame Oil ramen and the Paldo Fire Ramen The site even has a vegetarian section, and a selection of non-fried noodles, which have up to 80% less fat.

They offer 2 box sizes, a 20 slot box for $19.95 and a 40 slot box for $34.95. Much of the ramen packets take up 1 slot, but stuff that is large will take more of your slots.

Hey guys, send me a box!


UPDATE (June 20, 2010): I'm sadly still awaiting my box. They contacted me and said they'd send one, but nothing yet!

Boil It Like Beckham

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Northwestern’s Take on Ramen

I actually visited Northwestern University once in 1996 with a college friend. I don’t remember much of that trip to Chiacgo other than asking the security guard if we could walk to the top of the Sears Tower, he said “no”, and then waiting outside the art museum for 6 hours to try and see the Monet exhibit (we gave up and left). Regardless, Minhee Kang

has a great article on some interesting ramen recipes. I'd choose choice 1.

Campus Craving: Radical Ramen Noodles

Faux Pho

I’m a sucker for Sriracha sauce and fresh basil. Also did you know that Hesperia is not a Spanish word as I had originally thought, the town is named for a Greek god.

Submitted By: Shelly Willis

Submitted From: Hesperia, CA


  • 1 package beef ramen
  • 1 package oriental ramen
  • 1 piece star anise
  • 4 cups water
  • Sriracha hot sauce
  • 1 lime
  • leaves from 1 sprig thai basil
  • handful of bean sprouts
  • 1 fresh sliced jalapeno

Put water and star anise in pan and bring to boil. Add noodles from one package of ramen (save the noodles from the other for another use) and cook 3 minutes. Remove the star anise and add seasoning packets from beef and oriental ramen packages. Add the Sriracha sauce, veggies and lime juice to taste. Serves 1.

New Ramen Flavors?

An email from a reader, JHarper, posed the idea of a new flavor of ramen, sour cream and onion. Now personally, I don't like sour cream and onion flavored chips all that much compared to other choices, but I know alot of people do. So I'm curious, of these limited suggestions, what's everyone's top choice for a new flavor of ramen?

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