Strangest Email That I’ve Received So Far…

I’ve run this site for over 10 years now and I’ve had some weird emails. I’ve been on the local news, I’ve been on a Japanese radio show, but never until this week have I been contacted by the FDA. Apparently even the FDA thinks that I make ramen or would know how to identify a manufacturing facility based on a product code. I’m not a big fan of the FDA, and this confirms most of my feelings about them…

Dinner Impossible Recipe: Pork Ramen Alfredo-College Dorm Special

Dinner Impossible is a show on the Food Network where the guy is given a pile of ingredients and then has to cook for say 500 people in something like 18 minutes. I exagurrate a bit, but on the episode that aired on March 13, 2010, Dorm Food Doom, Chef Robert made what sounds like a good ramen recipe.

On his next mission, Robert is off to college on a mission to transform student dorm food into gourmet fare. Robert must prepare a meal for 100 University of North Carolina students in just 6 hours, using only the food he can find in student housing. No grocery stores, no raiding the cafeteria, and definitely no cheating!

The recipe was Pork Ramen Alfredo-College Dorm Special, which sounds not too healthy, but very tasty.

One question remains: Who keeps mascarpone cheese in their dorm room?

Human Genome Modeled as Ramen?

Someone sent me this article from MIT about how the 3d representation of the human genome ends up looking like uncooked ramen. I only post this here because perhaps one or two readers can actually understand what the heck it’s talking about. I do wish that ramen came in a ball like this too..

“It turns out actually that the fractal globule pretty deeply resembles the model of uncooked ramen noodles,” he said. “You can contrast this with the classic polymer structure, which is the arrangement that the noodles take once you’ve cooked them.”

If you “turn up the heat, and the noodles are going to oscillate and wiggle…and in the process they’ll get deeply, deeply entangled,” he said.

According to Lieberman-Aiden, “this is similar to the classic polymer conformation,” called the “equilibrium globule model.”

In the ramen analog of the equilibrium globule model of the genome, “the most salient property was that if you stick a fork in them, you can’t pull apart one or two noodles: you end up pulling out a whole clump because they are so entangled.”

“The fractal globule module is more like the uncooked ramen, whereas the classic equilibrium model of condensed polymers is more like the cooked noodles,” he said.

Ramen is Top Seller in Rikers Island Commisary

Interesting to note that instant ramen is the top seller in the infamous New York City jail, Rikers Island. It is also interesting to note why it’s the top seller.

Just because you’re behind bars doesn’t mean you have to forgo your favorite snack foods and electronics. Today the Post takes a look at some of the stuff for sale to prisoners on Rikers Island, finding that the number one seller is Ramen, which can be had for 35 cents. (Most prisoners discard the noodles and use the flavor packet to spice up bland jail food.)

Full Story is here.