Upgrades and What Not

I’ve upgraded to PHP5 and WordPress 2.9. Not that you care, but if the site breaks or some stuff is broken, please contact me using the form on the right. (I did already have to hack the Facebook add-in).


Make a Ramen Video, Win a Nintendo Wii

The LA Examiner has some news up about a contest put on by LA-based RamenKlub. RamenKlub specializes in Korean ramen, delivered to all 50 states. The contest is fairly simple, make your own original “How to make Ramen Video.” Once you make it, post it on Youtube and send the link to the folks at RamenKlub.com and you're entered. Good luck and please let me know if any reader from the site wins!

100 Awesome Recipes for Starving College Students

OnlineColleges.net has compiled and posted a categorized list of 100 awesome recipes for college students. I actually received my Masters Degree online via the University of Colorado, although I went to campus several times a semester and also met students often in Boulder and Denver. During this time, my wife cooked most of my food, which meant not too much ramen.