Ice Cream Ramen (only in Tokyo)

Found this oldie but goodie today…

ice cream ramen

A ramen shop in Tokyo called Kikuya has created a dish combining ramen and ice cream. The dishes include vanilla ice cream ramen, chocolate ramen, and even green tea ramen. There are other crazy dishes listed such as yogurt ramen and hot cocoa ramen. If anyone ends up in Tokyo, I'd love to have some pics of this place. A bowl of regular ramen there will set you back 500 yen or about $5.25 (as of late August 2009).

Here's the full article.

Crunchgear Presents the Wide World of Ramen

Crunchgear provides a nice newbie guide on how to maximize your ramen experience. The article is long and informative, and I saw a type of ramen that I've never seen before get mentioned (Nissin Yakisoba noodles).

I do object to the complaint about tossing a raw egg into your ramen (to make egg drop soup), this is the tastiest way to get some extra protein. I've never been a hard-boiled egg fan (the author is though).

The summary is right on point.

Be creative and find something you like

Ramen has a bad rap because people tend to just get a pallet of the cheapest stuff and eat it unmodified. But with a little extra work, you can make a real meal out of it. There are tons of recipes out there just for people like you and me. Instant noodles are a great base for a lot of different dishes, and if you just try a few different things, toss a few ingredients in there, and be creative with what you’ve got around the dorm or apartment, you’ll surprise yourself.

Ramen News?

I occasionally search Google news to see if there is any news in the world of ramen. Usually this time of year we get the “back to school” ramen stuff showing up, but it’s been pretty slow, maybe there’s a new dorm food in town?

Anyway, when I do these searches, I find 3 things that I need to filter out:

1) Ramen can be a first name, or even a last name. Mainly in India or Indonesia.
2) Fueled by Ramen is a record label, and they have at least 3 bands that I've heard of.
3) There's alot of fresh ramen shops opening up, but 95% are on the west coast or in NYC.


4) Ramen was a computer worm back in 2001.