Relatives Ramen Reparation Ramming Revenge

Via, an angry man in Korea rams the ramen factory gate because they won’t apologize to him, take that Big Ramen!!!

According to police, Kim arrived at the factory’s front gate at 6:10 p.m. Tuesday and asked the factory's janitor to call the firm's product quality manger. When the request was denied, he rammed his car into the front gate of the plant. During questioning, he said his four-year-old daughter fell sick after eating impurities found in instance noodles produced at the factory.

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Family Reunion Ramen

This is a simple recipe, but I like the mix of sweet, salty, and spicy that it provides. Also, a note for future recipe submitters, don't give me a fake email address. I don't harvest your emails, but I will write back to you when you don't tell me where you are from, ("My house" not being quite specific enough to post here).

Submitted By: Rob

Submitted From: ???


  • 1 pack chicken ramen
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • A little sesame oil
  • Chili powder to taste, though I use about 1-2 teaspoons or so
  • Assorted vegetables (green onions, etc.) if desired

Cook ramen as usual, in boiling water for three minutes, then strain. Pour the noodles back into the pot and continue cooking on low heat. Stir in the egg, seasoning packet, the brown sugar-soy sauce mixture (Teriyaki sauce works great, too) and the chili powder. Add vegetables is desired. Finally, pour in a few drops of sesame oil to get some flavor, turn off the heat and enjoy!

I’m Sick Ramen

I have a cold and sore throat, so I made some ramen today for lunch. Here's my recipe. Chop 5 mini carrots and an equal amount of onions, add to 2 cups of water and begin to heat. Add the flavor packet while heating the water (see tip below). Bring to a boil, add your packet of Picante Beef (to clean out the sinuses) and cook for 3 minutes. Take off heat and eat as a soup.

Tip: I live at 5000 feet, water here boils at 203 degrees F, I've checked it. If you add the flavor packet before you boil the water, you'll raise the boiling point, just like adding salt before cooking spaghetti. This will make the ramen cook softer and faster, at least around here it does.

I thought about this today when I remembered cooking pasta for 30 minutes at Mesa Verde (about 7500 feet).

Spinach-Egg ramen

Sorry for the slow postings over the last few weeks. First my kid was sick and now I'm sick, I don't even have the Christmas tree finished at this point, but I can work on this site while watching football (not the tree though), so here's a yummy sounding recipe. It might also be somewhat healthy too, at least in terms of nutrition.

Submitted By: Mary

Submitted From: Walnut, CA


  • Ramen (My favorite is shrimp)
  • Frozen spinach
  • One egg
  • Soy Sauce
  • Rice Vinegar
  • Boil a few cups of water, then add ramen and a handful (or two) of the frozen spinach. Bring the mix back to a boil then add half of the ramen seasoning packet, a splash of both soy sauce and vinegar. Remove from heat, then crack egg in hot soup. Break the yolk, stir slightly, and let the hot water cook the egg. After a few minutes, stir again and enjoy! The egg yolk makes the soup almost creamy, but definitely delicious.

Christmas Gift Idea: Ceramic Ramen Noodle Cup

I found this today and I think it's a cool ramen-related Christmas gift idea. Not only is it for ramen, but since it's re-usable it's "eco-friendly" (as long as you use it a few thousand times). The cost is $28 at Urban Outfitters.

Ceramic Noodle Cup
Ramen Cup

Spicy, Cheesy Ramen with Lime

I like this recipe for it’s simplicity and interesting mix of flavors, spice, lime, and mozzerella cheese. I think monterey jack or pepper jack cheese would also work well.

Submitted By:

Submitted From: Japan


  • 1 package of ramen noodles
  • 1/4 of a lime or 1-2 tsp of lime juice
  • 1 tbsp shredded mozzarella cheese
  • a few drops of hot sauce, preferrably Japanese

Boil the noodles as per the package directions, but only use half of the seasoning package. Once the noodles are boiled, remove them from the heat and add the other ingredients, mixing as you do. Enjoy!

It’s the Time of Year to Give Ramen

I’m not referring to stocking stuffers. Ramen is a good item to donate to your local food bank. I have a bag that I made myself that includes 8 packs of ramen, peanut butter, and some assorted canned items, corn, beans, green beans, and tuna. Since food banks really need supplies around this time (and all the time really), please consider donating ramen or anything else you can spare.

You can find your local food bank here.

Update: My local grocery store was collecting food this weekend, so I dropped off some peanut butter, cereal, assorted canned foods, and of course, ramen.