This Blog is Now an Economic Indicator

I use a Google News alert to keep me abreast of what’s going on in the world of ramen, and there are always stories about college kids eating ramen, but in the past couple months, I've seen a new trend: ramen as an economic indicator. This story from the AP is mainly about people buying more Spam, but also has a bit about people eating ramen more often. The bad thing is that with the rise in grain prices over the past year, ramen is now more expensive, as we've detailed here before. The USDA data shows that in June-August 2003, the wholesale cost of wheat to make flour was $8.68/cwt (cwt=100 lbs or about 45 kg). By Dec 2007-Feb 2008, it was $27.70/cwt, and you can expect your ramen prices to rise along with that. Unfortunately the CBOT doesn't track ramen prices. All these stories made me wonder if the traffic to my site correlates with the economy.

Is anyone out there (not in college or jail) buying more ramen these days? Have you seen a large price increase in your ramen?

PS - Sorry for this post looking like a memepool entry.

Worcestershire Soup

Casey wrote in with this simple soup and he spelled Worcestershire correctly too which is a bonus. At work, they put signs in all the conference rooms that say "Please do not remove the easles from the room". I've taken a few down so far and used a sharpie to fix the spelling. I blame my mother for this irrational behavior. Anyway, Casey says, "I did this recipe rather free form but was fairly happy with the results."

Submitted By: Casey

Submitted From: Augusta, GA, USA


  • Crushed Black Pepper
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Chopped Onions (optional)
  • Chopped Tomatoes (optional)
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Pack of ramen Noodles

First begin by boiling 2 cups of water, or use less water for a stronger broth. After the water begins to boil, add Worcestershire sauce until the flavor is strong enough for you, 2 tablespoons is a good start. (It took quite a lot for my liking.) I added the onions, tomatoes, noodles, crushed pepper (to taste), and cayenne pepper (also to taste). Let it cook as per the ramen instructions, eat, and enjoy! Authors Note: This turned out quite nice and spicy which I like. Even if you don't like the onions and tomatoes the base tastes good on its own if you're a fan of Worcestershire sauce. Enjoy!

Note: The original recipe submitted said he used 1 cup of Worcestershire sauce, that's a whole lot, so I recommend starting with 2 tbsp and moving up if you need more. 1 cup is 16 tbsp.

Gluten Free Ramen?

I’ve been asked this a few times before, but most recently by Kimber in Spokane, WA… Is it possible to buy gluten-free ramen? I know that I’ve seen rice noodles before in asian food markets and some stores, but I've never seen instant rice-based noodles. You'd also have to be sure that the flavor packet was gluten-free and that's already been discussed here before.

Maybe if someone can find some gluten-free instant ramen, I will make a gluten-free section category for recipes. My new office-mate can't eat gluten, so it's made me more cognizant of the issues he has when picking food.

World “Ramen” Summit

As it turns out, I couldn’t find any info on the World Ramen Summit because it is really called The World Instant Noodle Summit. Pics and reports are posted here. There is also text on some of the proceedings, including this piece of the Osaka Declaration, "at last, the summit was concluded after confirming that the innovation for better safety, better health, better ecology, and more joy and happiness should be sought for the next 50 years."

Thanks to Tanja for finding this info for me.

Breakfast With Ramen

I’ve actually never purchased pre-cooked bacon, but I’m sure that if you get regular bacon and get it 2/3 cooked you could follow the same directions as below. I don't know about everyone, but over-easy is my favorite way to eat fried eggs. It is more difficult than sunny-side up though.

Submitted By: Paul C
Submitted From: Austin, TX

  • 2 packs of ramen (any flavor works, Oriental recommended)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 5 slices of pre-cooked bacon
  • salt and pepper to taste

Cook ramen noodles as usual adding the flavor packet during the boil. Drain most of the broth and pour the noodles and a small amount of broth into a microwavable bowl, (you will eat out of this so use a nice bowl). Lay the 5 slices of bacon on top of the noodles and set aside. Fry up two eggs. After the eggs cook, nuke the noodles with the bacon for 45 seconds. Gently lay sunny-side up eggs on top of bacon and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Ramen “Buy The Case”

I’ve been asked several times where to buy bulk ramen that’s typical US-store available stuff, not the fancy import ramen in other words. is the site that seems to be one of the better ones to use, a caveat is that I’ve never personally purchased from them. They aren’t paying me for the link, but if you work for the company, feel free to send me some noodles!

I also added them to the links on the right hand side there.


More evidence of just how bad the regular food is in jail here…

Submitted By: xBigBx

Submitted From: Youngstown, Ohio


  • 2 packages of ramen, no specific flavor
  • 1 small bag of nacho cheese Doritos
  • 1 small summer sausage

In jail, these are made by microwaving the water and letting the ramens soak in the hot water for a while. However, you can use your stove top if you like. My buddy who was in jail for a few months told me about these and i absolutely love making them...they taste a hell of alot better than they sound.

  1. Completely crush the Doritos and place them into boiling water for 4 minutes, or until soft.
  2. 2. Boil the ramen
  3. Dice the summer sausage
  4. Drain most of the water from the ramen
  5. Mix the ramen, the cheese "sauce" that is now made from the Doritos, the ramen flavor packs, and the summer sausage together in a bowl