Site Outage on Friday

This blog will be down on starting at 10pm Pacific time on Friday February 1. It should be back up on Saturday morning by 6AM Pacific, but I know for a fact that physical server moves (which is why it will be down) NEVER work right. The good news is that since I am now old and out of college, I will either be asleep during this time or at a bar having a beer. In either case it's no worry for me. So anyway, if the site is still down at 7 or 8 am on Saturday morning, drop me a line. There will be a form up when the site goes down that should alert you, I think...

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is coming up soon. I usually cook chicken wings, which are always a healthy treat. I follow the Frank’s hot sauce recipe, which is to basically bread the wings with flour, deep fry them, and then coat them with a mix or Frank's and melted butter. I wonder if the taste of chicken wings can be successfully transferred to ramen. I need to think of a way to keep it crispy. Maybe cook it first and then deep fry it? mmm that sounds real healthy.

Vietnamese Crab Soup Ramen

I love seafood, even sometimes the fake crab meat, although I prefer the real stuff. Also, when I looked for the Vietnamese soup referenced below on Google, it seems to maybe be spelled Bun Rieu Cua, but I’m not sure. I’ve never seen it before, so you may need to go to an Asian grocery store to find it. Of course, one may note that using real shrimp and real crab meat (if you do) would probably violate the reason you're eating ramen to begin with...

Submitted By: Sarge

Submitted From: Indianapolis

  • 1 can of Bun Rieu Cau - Spicy Crab soup
  • 1 pack of Maruchan Ramen (any flavor)
  • frozen precooked shrimp - as many as you like...
  • Imitation crab meat
  • Chinese Red Pepper, black pepper, and Tabasco Sauce to spice it up
  • frozen peas
  • 1 egg
  • Pour the Vietnamese Soup into your pot (you don't need any water) and heat to boiling. Once boiling, throw in the shrimp and crab meat. Simmer for a minute or two and then add the peas and crack a egg in - do not break the yoke. Next add the ramen and cook as normal. You don't need the flavor packet for this one

    Awesome Ramen Art from South Korea

    CNN has some video on an artist from South Korea who uses ramen noodles for art. His creation is a large “wall” of ramen that looks pretty cool. The artist’s name is Sang-Wook Lee and the video is about 2 minutes long.

    Video Link

    Site Outage

    So the site was down most of yesterday, as you probably know. My hosting provider decided to reboot everything and then do some network stuff or something and my site never came back online. It's still not totally fixed, they hacked a fix for it. Then, in another genius move, Dreamhost billed every single customer today as if it were December 31, 2008. They claimed I was overdue about $150 since "11-30-2008". Since I'm fairly sure today is January 15, 2008 this didn't make sense. They are fixing it now apparently.

    Sigh, I guess this post won't help me get any referrals for web hosting.

    PS - I'm going to look into an outage plugin for my blog or something that gives a better error message than what it was printing yesterday.

    UPDATE: When the DB is dead you will now see something like "The DB is dead. Let me know" with a link to my email address.