Ramen Broccoli Casserole

Submitted By: Mack

Submitted From: Gainesville, FL


  • 1 pack Ramen (flavor pack optional)
  • 1 Head Broccoli
  • 1/2 small pack Egg Noodles
  • 1 Medium/Large Onion
  • 1 can condensed Cream of Mushroom soup
  • 1 jar pasta sauce of your choice
  • As much (preferably freshly) shredded cheese as you\’d like

Preheat oven to 375. Prepare ramen as usual and drain. Prepare egg noodles and drain. Dice broccoli and onion. In a 10 inch casserole dish, mix together the ramen and Cream of Mushroom soup. Spread evenly with a spatula.

Layer the other ingredients as follows: -Broccoli/Onion mix -Cheese -Egg Noodles -Pasta sauce -Cheese

Bake for approximately 30-45 minutes. Let it cool after cooking so you don't burn your mouth. The ramen/soup mix is the best part of this, so experiment if you'd like and add an extra layer of it somewhere, maybe instead of the noodles. Possible substitutions: Potato for broccoli (just remember to bake them beforehand) Spaghetti for egg noodles (not as good, but normally in the cupboard)

More on Ramen Price Fixing

The perfect storm of ramen price-fixing, the start of the collegiate school year, and the increase in foreclosures is now upon us. Now what will college students and people with sub-prime loans do? Stock up now I say! The end is nigh!



The government slammed Chinese instant noodle makers Friday as being partly to blame for a surge in inflation, saying they illegally colluded to boost prices by up to 40 percent in a scheme that prompted a public outcry.

The report came amid a nationwide probe into whether price-fixing or hoarding by producers is to blame for a 15.4 percent jump in food prices in July over the year-earlier period. The government accused violators of damaging social stability.

Follow-Up: Space Ramen Tastes Good

I posted before about space ramen from Nissin, but here’s a review. Also, the site was dead for a few days last weekend, but I was out of town and the issue was with my webhost, they fixed it after an email...

Link to Full Story & Excerpt:

I found the ramen, created by Nissin Food Products Co., the most interesting. Famous for inventing instant noodles, Nissin began developing space ramen in the summer of 2001.

So far, they have produced three flavors: soy sauce, seafood and curry. I tried seafood ramen first. Preparation is not a whole lot different from regular ramen.

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Ramen Price Fixing?

This is probably going to get me re-banned in China… But. who knew you could have collusion and price fixing in the ramen industry? I happened across this story from last week in China about the rising prices of ramen, which may be the result (according to some) of collusion and price fixing. Notable things from the story:

"... a packet of instant noodles rose by an average of 20 percent last week, which sparked more public concern over rising food prices in China."

"China makes 51 percent of all instant noodles in the world with more than 46 billion packets produced last year."

I'm not sure how much of the Chinese ramen is exported to the US, but I would guess its a fair amount given that 51% statistic (although China itself is a huge market).

I actually found this on the China Law Blog, so thanks to them for the tip.

Get a Raise, Buy More Ramen!

Some people say that once you’re not in college and you're making big bucks with your art history or "peace and conflict studies" degree, that you don't need to buy ramen anymore. To these people I say, fools! Ramen is still great to eat when you're gainfully employed, say, as the head football coach at BYU. Coach Mendenhall just got a contract extension and a raise, but he has his priorities right still:

Mendenhall said he doesn't have any extravagant purchases planned for his new salary increase. "I don't have a wish list," he said. "In fact, [wife] Holly and I's day-to-day existence and what we spend is probably the same as when we were in college. We might have some nicer furnishings in our home, but Top Ramen is still a part of our diet."

Link to story

Note: I live in Fort Collins, home of CSU, and I'm no big fan of BYU's football team!

PS - Thanks to Buck from Provo, Utah for this tip...