By Popular Demand…

I am adding a “No Flavor Packet” category. These are recipes for which you do not need the flavor packet, in case you have eaten it in a fit of the MSG-shakes or lost it on the subway. I will slowly be updating the recipes to include this category. If you see any that I miss, add them in the comments here. If someone wants to generate me a full list and save me some time, feel free to do so 😉

How Blogs Work… FAQ

So, yet again, someone from “that domain” posted a comment asking for someone to call him regarding finding something bad in his ramen. Included was his full name, phone number, and city/state where he lives (Atlanta). For the benefit of everyone who comes to this blog from "that domain", here is a simple FAQ about comments on this blog.

  1. If I post my phone number and name in a comment, will it be published?
    YES. Anything you put in a comment, so long as it is not moderated or caught by the spam filter WILL BE PUBLISHED FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE.
  2. Should I post other personal information in a comment?
    See Question 1.
  3. Do you, the owner of this blog, have any relationship with any ramen manufacturer?
    No, I write this blog for fun.
  4. Well then if that's the case, who do I complain too about problems with my ramen???
    Try contacting the manufacturer. If you had a problem with your Ford, would you go to and ask them to call you? If you didn't like a TV show, would you call TV Guide and complain?

Easy Cheesy Spicy Ramen

Bonus points to this simple recipe for using lots of processed ingredients. Also, I don’t like horseradish, but if you do, this sounds good.

Submitted By: Jesse
Submitted From: Yakima, Washington, USA


  • 1 package of Beef Ramen
  • 1 teaspoon of Mayonnaise
  • 1 teaspoon of Horseradish
  • 2 dabs of Hot Sauce of your Choice
  • 1 tablespoon of Nacho Cheese

Boil your Ramen, then drain leaving no water. Mix in the seasoning packet, mayonaiase, horseradish, Hot Sauce and nacho cheese thoroughly, Enjoy!

Confessions of a noodle freak

Cool article from a “noodle freak”, Rich Ng, on what he considers the best way to cook instant noodles (aka ramen).


Excerpt/Overview of the Steps:

1. Start with Decent Ingredients
2. Get the Water Boiling
3. Open the Packet
4. Flash boil the Noodles
5. Rinse with Cold Water [CONTROVERSIAL]
6. Get the Heat Back On
7. Finish Off
8. Eat

Thanks to Rich for sending me this!

Why Do You Eat Ramen?

The media always asks me (in interviews), “Why do you eat ramen?” Personally, I eat ramen because it is versatile and easy to cook. The fact that it's cheap helps too, but it's not the main factor. Did I miss any reasons in my poll below?


Polish Ramen Salad

Paul from Poland writes in with this interesting sounding ramen salad.

Submitted By: Paul
Submitted From: Poland


  • 3 packages of Ramen
  • 3 teaspoons of Mayonaise
  • 1 cup of plain Yogurt
  • Spices: Pepper, salt, paprika
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Corn
  • Beans

Take your 3 packages of Ramen (after breaking to small parts) and mix with the Mayonaiase, Yogurt and spices to taste (pepper,salt and paprikia). Mix for a few minutes. Then add small parts of Tomatos, Cucumbers, Corn and all other vegetables which you like. Mix everything and put into the fridge for 3 hours... After 3 hours, EAT!

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Fueled by Ramen Article

While I was on vacation I answered some questions from Michael Danahey of the Suburban Chicago News. This great article is the result.


If you are looking for ideas for spicing up the dish — and avoiding the high-sodium packet that comes with the noodles — Matt Fischer of Fort Collins, Colo., has his own Web site,, which is devoted to the inexpensive noodle. Fischer started the site 10 years ago during his freshman year of college.


Camping/Backpacking Ramen

Today’s challenge: Submit a recipe that works great for camping or backpacking (or both). This generally means no perishable ingredients such as raw meat and the lighter, the better. Also, at least for the backpacking one, it should be high in calories since you burn a ton carrying 40 pounds on your back and walking 10 miles.

I will start with a simple rendition of something I've eaten before:


  • 2 packets of chicken ramen
  • 10 oz of canned chicken (or whatever the large size can is)
  • one carrot, pre-diced if you want
  • one onion, pre-diced if you want
  • When the water begins to boil, add the diced veggies. (The veggies should stay fresh for at least 3-4 days in your pack, on a longer trip, you may consider something else). Add the ramen, broken up, but not crushed, to the boiling water. Add the canned chicken, and some of the liquid in the can. Cook for 5-7 minutes. You can either drain at this point or if you want a soup, add the flavor packet now. This serves two extremely hungry backpackers or 3-4 normal people.