Delhi Ramen

Delhi Ramen, from Canada…

Submitted By: Frank
Submitted From: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada


  • Ramen, any flavor
  • ground cumin
  • onions
  • red or green pepper
  • butter
  • Optional: nuts and/or other veggies

Cook Ramen till not quite soft, drain, set aside. In a frypan melt 2tbl spoons of butter over med heat, add a tsp. of ground cumin and stir. Add some sliced onion, green/red pepper and whatever other vegetable or nuts you like and saute till soft. Add a tablespoon of water and the cooked noodles. Stir and fry over med heat for 2 minutes. A shot of hot sauce is of course optional.

Jailhouse Ramen 2

Recipes from jail are always a favorite here…

Submitted By: Nichelle
Submitted From: Cleveland, Ohio


  • Chicken flavored Ramen (keep the packet... you need it)
  • Cheddar Cheese (as much as you want in any style)
  • Some type of lunch meat (preferably bologna or turkey... bacon is good too)
  • Barbecue Potato Chips (any kind will work but I like these best)
  • Honey
  • Miracle Whip (sorry regular mayo wont work for this!)

Cook the ramen as you normally would. Drain all of the water and quickly put into bowl. Add as much Miracle Whip as you want. Add the cheese while the ramen is still warm. Crush up the chips and toss those in. Then add in your meat (sliced up of course) then put some honey on top. Sprinkle your chicken packet in and mix it up good but don\'t put too much honey in... it's sweet already. My uncle who served a year gave me this recipe and it's AMAZING!

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Review: Sapporo Ichiban Chow Mein

Worked from home today, so I had to cook. I pulled the last packet of ramen out of my cabinet, and it was Sapporo Ichiban Chow Mein. The noodles had some different cooking instructions, for once, they told me how much water to use in cups. Also, the noodles were only cooked in 1 cup of water, which wasnt enough to cover them. I have never cooked ramen like that before, but it ended up working okay. The seasoning packet tasted and smelled like Worchestershire sauce (since it was an ingredient, this is not surprising). The noodles also came with dried seaweed flakes to pour on top (for color mainly).

I did enjoy the taste, but they were not my favorite of the samples I ate. These noodles cost $0.49 at Noodleson's Store.

On UMR’s Website

I recently did a short interview for my alma matter, the University of Missouri-Rolla. I was the subject of an article in the alumni magazine and also on the front page of their website. I started this webpage in 1995/1996 in my dorm room (TJ-8 South), and used to update recipes to static HTML by hand. Around 1997-1998, I moved to a flat-file database that was parsed by PERL. In 2003-2004, I finally moved to the blog format.

Here is the article.

PS - That is my wedding pic.

Backcountry Ramen

Submitted By: Richard Barber
Submitted From: Morgan Hill, CA


  • 2 Packs Beef flavor ramen
  • 2 cubic inches sharp cheddar cheese
  • Juice of 1 whole lemon

Boil water in steel cup over campfire or stove. Add one flavor packet. Break ramen folds into quarters. Remove water from heat and add ramen. Cover and seep noodle for 3 minutes. Drain 80% of the water. Add cheese, mix thouroughly. Squeeze lemon juice into noodles and mix. Add remaining flavor packet to taste.

Enjoy- you now have energy for 10 more miles of rock staircases! Drink a half gallon of water with this meal.

Creamy Chunky Chicken Soup

Submitted By: M Fouts
Submitted From: Chattanooga, TN


  • One pack chicken ramen
  • One can Cream of chicken soup
  • One small can of pre-cooked chunked chicken in water

Cook ramen as you would normally, drain off all water and add seasoning, mix thouroghly. Prepare soup as you would normally. Drain off all water from chicken.
Mix soup and ramen, add chicken last. Melted mexican velveeta cheese may be added for an interesting variation.

Zesty Ramen Tuna

Submitted By: Troy McEntire
Submitted From: Katy, TX


  • 1, 6oz can of Starkist chunk light (tuna canned in water)
  • ½ tsp Old Bay Seasoning
  • Kraft fat free Zesty Italian dressing
  • 1 bag Ramen (do not add season packet)

Ramenmaster: I love Old Bay Seasoning!

Take 1 bag of ramen, crunch bag before you open the bag so you can break the ramen down a little. Add ramen and 2 cups of water in bowl. Microwave or boil ramen for 3 min. Drain ramen until the water is almost gone. Drain water from can of tuna then mix, 1\2 tsp. Old Bay & 3 or 4 squirts of dressing with ramen.

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Review: Nong Shim Chajang Chapagetti

Came home from a week out of town to no food in the house (except for the old stand-by of Ramen noodles). I picked this one from the two packs left in my cabinet and fired up my new stove. I couldnt tell what the flavor was from the packet, but looking online shows me that it is Black Bean flavor, and was vegetarian.

The noodles were fairly thick and of good quality. The flavoring had a sweet aroma, very similar to liquid malt used in brewing beer. However, the soup needed more salt. I know that its hard to believe a ramen dish needing more salt, but this one did! The flavoring wasn't very rich.

To be quite honest, I didn't really like this one, but if you are vegetarian, you might!