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I have upgraded my blacklist features, which means I will no longer have to even see your stupid posts. The new blacklist will delete your posts and I wont even need to moderate them myself. I have lowered my Comment URL threshold to 0, meaning any comments that contain a URL must be approved. I will keep this in place for some time.

Today I deleted about 30 posts for You would think that the person/program doing this would get the point that its not working, but I guess if your job is a spammer you are a moron anyway.

Kentucky Eats Ramen

This is another “start of school, students eat ramen” story that comes out every year, but hey it mentions my site.

But one has to wonder: Doesn’t eating all those ramen noodles get old after a while? Of course it does, if you’re just eating noodles and seasoning. The trick is to get creative.

There are several published cookbooks available at, but in the true cheap-o spirit of ramen, you can get plenty of recipes for free at

Here Comes Ramen, the Slurp Heard Round the World

Thanks to Jim, who pointed out this excellent New York Times story on Ramen.

Here Comes Ramen, the Slurp Heard Round the World

The article has pictures of some tasty looking ramen and pointers to New York's finest ramen establishments.

Here is a small excerpt:

"Ramen?" you ask. "That plastic-wrapped block of dry noodles and powdered soup?" But freshly made ramen is another thing altogether. In Japanese ramenyas (ramen shops) a bowl of ramen holds a house-made soup, springy noodles, the chef's own tare (a mix of soy sauce, sugar and rice wine to flavor the soup) and exactly six traditional toppings. The wait at top Tokyo ramenyas can be up to three hours.

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Images Coming Soon

As some readers have noted, the site has no images, and looks rather plain. I realize this, however, I have zero talent at making images. So, I have asked some friends for help, and will attempt to do my best.

If you want to send me some images for the site, feel free to email me.