Ramen Calorie Information

One of our avid readers discovered that CalorieCount.com has some nutritonal information on ramen. Its only for Nissin brand, but other brands of ramen should be similar (unless its low-fat).

Thanks to Erik Fantasia for pointing out this info (and sorry it took me a freakin' year to post it).

New Webhost!

I have a new web host to go with my new site. My new host has some killer options and a nice simple web interface for when you are too lazy to do stuff by hand. The only "drawback" is that I have to pay for it myself. Its pretty cheap (like ramen), but I am still taking direct donations to pay for the site. If you like the recipes, donate a buck or two for my hosting fees. (The donations go right to the hosting, so unfortunately, I cannot use them to buy ramen.)

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

New Site!

As you can see, I have a new site, powered by WordPress. The new blog format will make it easier for me to post reipces. It will also mean that you guys can rate recipes, and also post comments on them (although I may initially have some features disabled until I figure out what I am doing).

If you want to, you may still visit the Old Ramen Page.

Thanks to all the people in the WordPress forums who helped me port my custom perl script so that it would import entries.