5 Minute Tuna Ramen

Submitted By: Jay McGrew
Submitted From: Indiana University


  • 1 bag of ramen (I prefer oriental)
  • 1 can of tuna (I prefer in spring water)
  • 4 slices of bread
  • 1-2 tablespoons mayonaise

While ramen is boiling, place four pieces of bread (if toaster is available, toasted is best) on large plate. Strain tuna. Mix tuna in a bowl with packet of ramen flavoring and mayonaise. When ramen is done, strain and mix ramen with tuna in bowl. Empty bowl of ramen and tuna onto bread. Eat with fork in front of tv. Great meal before and after a good binge.

Note: this is a great meal for around 70 cents. you can also spread contents on crackers as opposed to using bread.

Fruit Breakfast Ramen

Submitted By: Glenn Craig

Submitted From: Paradise


  • 1 pk ramen, toss flavor packet
  • 8 oz fruit coctail, canned
  • 2 oz water, for cooking ramen
  • dash salt
  • Optional: dash of vanilla
  • Optional: sugar

Cook ramen “dry”, so that it contains little fluid when soft Add fruit coctkail, dash of salt, whatever else your taste deems possible !

Note: Top ramen works best.

Ramen Bites – no cooking involved!

Submitted By: Emily

Submitted From: Pennsylvania


  • Ramen, any flavor
  • Peanut Butter
  • Knife (optional)

Remove ramen from the package. Throw away the seasoning packet ’cause it’s yucky. There should be two layers of dried noodles (at least that’s how they come in the brand I buy). Carefully, over a garbage can, break these two layers apart. Then break each layer into about eight pieces or so, they should be bite-sized. Spread peanut butter with knife (or finger(s) if you're feeling silly!) on a piece of the noodles and eat. Yum! Crunchy and delicious. Great study snack.

Megs Ramen

Submitted By: Ed T.

Submitted From: New Hampshire


  • 2 Packets Ramen Noodels (Any flavor)
  • Ranch Salad dressing (With or without bacon)
  • Paramesan Cheese

Cook noodels, drain, loose the flavor packet. Add a good size blob of ranch dressing. Add cheese and stir well. Enjoy

Note: Thanks to Megs for the dinners. You can use any ranch even thoes light ones. This also works if you cook the noodles in the microwave