Igor’s Magickal Mystery Combat Ramen

Submitted By: Reverend Omestes

Submitted From: PC, Phoenix Az


  • 1 pouch of beef Top Ramen
  • 5 drops of Mongolian Fire Sauce, or Tabasco
  • A liberal amount of garlic powder
  • Fresh group pepper
  • 1 cap full of Bourbon
  • A little amount of ground ginger
  • Optional: dehydrated veggie flakes
  • Optional: Lemon Salt
  • Optional: Green food coloring
  • Optional: A little amount of good beer

Fill up a small pot with the requistite amount of water. Add about 5 shakes of pepper (or about twenty twists of a pepper mill). Add enough garlic power to cover the top-center of the pot (it floats). Add five drops of fire sauce or tabasco. And if you want add the dehydrated veggie flakes. Bring to a low boil. Add the Ramen, both peices. Add green food coloring if you want the “combat” effect. Halfway throught the cooking time, add a pinch of lemon salt (if you want). Add one cap full (or a 5 second pour) of good bourban (or wiskey) for flavor. If you want you can add a VERY small amount of beer (it enhances the flavor like salt does). Finish cooking. Add beef flavor while the ramen is still boiling. Stir and let boil for 1 mintute. Pour out half of the liquid, put in a bowl, and enjoy!

Note: This is completely no alcoholic, the alcohol will boil off, just leaving a slight bite. The ramen absorbs the the stuff you boil with it.

Ramen Clam Chowder Pie

Submitted By: TD

Submitted From: Atlanta


  • 1 Pack Ramen any flavor
  • 1 can Clam Chowder(New England Style)
  • 1 pie crust
  • a handful of Cheddar cheese
  • Some ritz crackers
  • Optional: Hot Sauce

Prepare ramen as normal. Drain water. Heat up clam chowder wihtout water. Mix together pour into pie crust top wih cheese and ritz crackers. Bake until crackers are visibly toasted.

Note: Try it with hot sauce.

Shrimp and Bok Choy Ramen

Submitted By: Cyndy

Submitted From: Denver, CO


  • Several small cooked and cleaned shrimp
  • Sliced green onion
  • Sliced small amount of Bok Choy
  • Optional: Jalapeno pepper
  • Optional: Bean Sprouts
  • Optional: Fresh Lime cut up in wedges
  • Optional: Tamari sauce
  • Optional: Asian Chili Paste or Chili Oil
  • Optional: Rice Vinegar

To the oriental flavor or shrimp flavor Ramen:
Add small cooked shrimp, cut up bok choy, sliced green onions, small diagonal slices of jalapeno peppers. To spice this up....add some asian chili paste and tamari sauce. Dress it up with some fresh bean sprouts and squeeze fresh lime over top.

Note: Use Oriental or Shrimp Flavor. This is a A slightly Vietnamese method of dressing up Ramen Noodles.