Submitted By: Adam Fisher

Submitted From: Columbus University, LA


  • 2 packets of Ramen (any flavor)
  • 2 white eggs
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Paprika
  • Optional: Black Pepper

boil the noodles so thier done without the flavor. Now stir fry the noodles in a pan and add flavor right onto the noodles while you stir. Next, fry the eggs, not boiled! Make the perfect omlet. Put it along witht he noodles in a semi large bowl. Add papprika! Add sauce!

Note: 1. Remember, pan needs to be oily so that the noodles dont stick.
2. You can add paprika while the noodle is being stir fried as well.
3. I usually add a few pinches of black pepper at the end before serviing.

Otaku Ramen

Submitted By: Dustin Rodriguez

Submitted From: Graduated, still eating ramen


  • Instant Ramen, any flavor
  • 3 Eggs
  • Sliced Water Chestnuts
  • Bean Sprouts
  • 2 Cups Rice
  • Optional: Colossal Black Olives

Fry the 3 eggs, breaking the yolks. Cook the Ramen as if you were going to eat them alone, add flavor packet. Cook rice, then drain it thoroughly. Put rice into bottom of large bowl, then pour Ramen and broth on top (do this before the rice has a chance to get too dry and sticky). Shred the eggs, add in the bean sprouts and sliced water chestnuts, and mix into the Ramen noodles. I also like to put colossal sized black olives into the mix but that throws off the asian bent, so you can do without if you wish.

Note: I've only used chicken and beef ramen, but I'm sure any type you like would work.