Ramen Spaghetti

Submitted By: Bob Brune and Tom Kuczwara

Submitted From: University of Missouri-Rolla

If you are tired of normal flavored Ramen, try Ramen spaghetti.
Simply cook the Ramen as normal, but don't add the flavor packets.
Drain the water and add spaghetti sauce. Then heat the mixture
in the microwave for about a minute. This will taste almost as
good as normal spaghetti, but is a lot cheaper and easier to make.

Freebase Ramen

Submitted By: Ramenmaster

Submitted From: University of Missouri-Rolla

Freebase Ramen is good for when you want a Ramen fix, but don’t
have the time to deal with cooking it. (It also works without
a microwave.) To make freebase Ramen, all you need is the Ramen
packet itself. First break the Ramen apart. Be careful to leave
it mostly intact, you are not shooting for Ramen crumbs. Then,
open the Ramen bag and the seasoning packet. Pour about half the
contents of the seasoning packet into the Ramen bag. Then close
the top of the Ramen bag and shake for about ten seconds. Open
the bag up, and eat the Ramen dry with your fingers. (The seasoning
gets a little messy sometimes, so people inclined to stay clean
could use a spoon and a bowl.) Note: Be sure to start with only
half of the seasoning. You can always add more, but if you add
too much it will be salty and gross.

Quick (Actual) Ramen Pancake

Submitted By: Chris Ingle

Submitted From: Penn State University

Cook ramen as directed (with flavor packet), maybe a little
longer than usual, but not too long or it’ll be mushy. Drain ramen
completely in a colander or strainer. Heat a little bit of oil
(maybe with a drop or two of sesame oil added for yummy flavor)
in the bottom of a small skillet. Add the drained ramen, and press
down flat with a spatula. Cook until a little bit crunchy on the
skillet side; you should be able to flip the whole thing over
and keep it intact. Grill the other side, and slip it onto a plate.
I usually slice it into wedges, and eat it with some good Indonesian
sambal chili sauce. You can also add green onions and garlic with
the oil, as well as any finely cut veggies you have. It's extra
good with some ginger added.

No-Bowl Nuked Noodles

Submitted By: C.D. Crowell

Submitted From: Williamette University College of Law

Take a noodle brick, lay three slices of ‘merican cheeze over
it and sprinkle flavor packet on top.
Nuke till the cheese melts through the noodles and eat.
A tasty crunchy snack for when you don't even have a bowl.
Practice tip - completely cover the noodle brick with the cheese
so that it doesn't crumble to bits when you eat it.

Mr. Kon’s Traditional Suntory Ramen

Submitted By: Matto-kun

Submitted From: Ma’alaea on Maui, Hawaii


  • 10 packs of "Cup Soup" (Cup o’ Noodles)
  • a hot pot containing enough lukewarm water for 5 Cup Soup
  • one large bottle of Suntory Whiskey (Japan’s best seller)

Preparation: add water and whiskey in more or less equal parts
to "Cup Soup". Serve. Open window. Dare idiot next to
you. Finish remaining whiskey, place remaining ramen on table.
Jump out window, into pool. Repeat last step untill police notified.
Serving note: School principal added "umeboshi" (sour)
plum to his "Cup Soup" and passed out.

Note: While teaching in Japan I was introduced to several different
versions of Ramen and instant Ramen. This one had the greatest
impact (and possible damage). Mr. Kon is the Vice Principal of
a Junior High School that, at the time, had a staff consisting
of old married female teachers, young unmarried male teachers,
and one American. Mr. Kon felt it was his duty to keep tabs on
all of the younger men - thus he would take us out drinking quite
often. One night Mr. Kon and about another ten of us found our
selves back at the school, hungry, drunk, hot, and with the following

Ramen Burittos

Submitted By: Ray Hageman

Submitted From: Laramie, Wyoming


  • 1 Package Ramen
  • Flour Tortillas
  • Bruce’s Hot Sauce (or other hot sauce if you cant find this)
  • Parmesan Cheese

Cook Ramen for approximately 2 minutes (until it is al dente);
drain. Add seasoning packet, a ton o’ hot sauce and parmesan cheese.
Slap the mixture into a tortilla and grub till your tub is full!!!

Bud Ramen

Instead of cooking Ramen in water, cook it with a half a can
of Budweiser and some water. Although I have not tried this myself,
some guys on my floor tell me it tastes real good.

Hummus Ramen Stuff

Submitted By: Amy C. Johnson

Submitted From: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Looking for a little twist on your plain Jane ramen? Try throwing
in a little powdered hummus and sliced green onions. This will
make the soup thicker and give it a funky exotic flavor. I guarantee
your tongue will dig it.

Oregon Trail Ramen

Submitted By: Brian S. Ruff

Submitted From: Williamette University College of Law


  • Two Packages of any flavored Ramen.
  • One can Hormel Chili (NO BEANS)

For a meal in under five minutes, boil Ramen on stove (if you
have one) while Chili heats in microwave. If you don’t have a
stove, cook noodles in your microwave and use your neighbors for
the chili. Never let your Ramen out of your sight. Drain Ramen
dry, pour chili over it. You'll need a large bowl. Add cheez if
desired. Goes great with a cold Porter or Amber Ale.

Szechuan Stir Fry for the (Affected)

Submitted By: Chris

Submitted From: Philadelphia, Penn, USA


  • Oriental flavor ramen
  • Secret ingredient

Make Oriental Flavored Ramen with flavor packet and strain
the juice. In a skillet add a little Olive Oil and throw the Ramen
noodles in and let them fry. Mid-way through the frying process
add the secret ingredient to SPICE it up a little. Add as much
Szechuan Spicy Stir Fry Sauce as you can handle and fry a few
minutes longer. Let cool and GOBBLE it all up. It goes great when
yer baked.