Post Thanksgiving Ramen Recipe

Submitted By: Ace

Okay here it is, 2 packs o’ Ramens cooked and strained, add
in seasoning, preferalbly beef or oriental, add several shakes
of Trappey's Louisiana Hot Sauce, Teriyaki sauce. Then add some
freakin' turkey, white meat only. Stir and enjoy!

Hot and Sour Ramen

Submitted By: David Lawrence

Submitted From: Houston, Texas


  • cubed ham, sausage, or chicken
  • frozen peas (required)
  • frozen corn (required)
  • Hot oil (found in oriental section of grocery)
  • soy (optional)
  • pepper, lemon pepper, white pepper, etc (to taste)
  • vinegar (1/4 cup, maybe more…)
  • Optional: 2 scrambled eggs

Boil the crap out of this stuff until you get tired of watching it (maybe 3-4 minutes), then add noodles. Let cook for about 2-3 minutes, then mix 1 tablespoon (variable) corn starch into a cup of cold water. pour into pot while stirring. For added flavor, at the end you can stir 2 scrambled eggs into the stuff.