Drunken Velveeta Ramen

Submitted By: Eric Schuttler

Submitted From: Virginia

Cook however many packages of Ramen you can handle in water;
drain. (Proper Southwestern Virginia technique is to drain it
with the lid of the cooking pot and forget the wimpy colander.)
Add 2 T butter with a good chunk of Velveeta to the noodles add
flavor packet, cook over very low heat till melted.

Cookie Ramen

Submitted By: Jon Davis

Submitted From: San Antonio, Texas


  • 4 samoas (Caramel delight) ((girl scout cookies))
  • 1 package of brick ramen (bag kind)
  • salt’n’pepper (season to taste)

Crush the cookies into the ramen after you add the flavoring
(chicken works best) and salt’n’pepper and such and eat it; its
that simple and not only is it good it’s good for you

Chunky Clammy Ramen

Submitted By: Julie Herron

Submitted From: Fort Worth, Texas

For this recipe I recommend using Mushroom flavor ramen. Cook
ramen as usual. Drain water and add the flavor packet (season
according to your preference). Add one can of Campbell’s Chunky
Clam Chowder soup. Stir to mix well, and enjoy!

Cream of Potato Ramen

Submitted By: Anton and Jaime Johnson

Submitted From: New Orleans, Louisiana

4 packs of any flavor ramen noodles and boil as usual, drain.
Put back into pot and add 1 can of Cream of Potato soup to drained
ramen noodles. Spice as desired. It’s also good if you add peas
or corn. Looks like puke, but taste real good!

Spicy Hooters Ramenghetti

Submitted By: Joe Hardy

Submitted From: University of Kentucky

Prepare two packets of ramen noodles as usual, but do not add
seasoning. Drain water, and spoon on a sufficient amount of any
spaghetti sauce (Prego thick and chunky with tomatoes works well).
Then add a few squirts of Hooters hot sauce (bought or stolen
off the table at any Hooters restaurant), and enjoy with your
favorite cheap beer. Serves 1.

A1 Cracker-Ramen Soup

Submitted By: Steve Herrick

Submitted From: Cincinatti Bible College

Take oriental ramen noodles, (the cheap one’s- not the 15 cent
type) and add a handfuls of crackers until it is not really soupy-
sort of a cracker noodle mush and then add few spoonfuls of A1
steaksauce. Hot pepper sauce is optional.

Tasty Tossed Off Ramen

Submitted By: Josh Wells

Submitted From: University of Wyoming

Ingredients: a bottle of olive oil (extra virgin, no wussy
light stuff), some mushrooms, and some red onions. Cook your ramen
as usual, without the flavor packet, and drain off excess water.
While ramen is cooking, sautee the onions and mushrooms until
ramen is done and then remove from heat. Put the ramen in a bowl
and liberally pour olive oil onto it, then to ss the ramen to
properly coat it all in oil. Add the coated ramen and vegetables
to the pan until the noodles have been tenderly fried, BUT NOT
CRISPED. At this point you may wish to add seasoning such as salt,
oregano, or Mrs. Dash (yummy, choose a flavor). Grated cheese
also tastes good, esp. Monterey jack. Remove from pan and toss
in a bowl to mix thoroughly… serve with chopsticks for an elegant
dinner date or use to impress guests with your cheap gourmet abilities.

East/West Throwtogether

Submitted By: Jace

Submitted From: Loyola University in New Orleans

Using any ramen noodle soup packet; I like the imported
Korean one with the name I can’t pronounce.
Boil some water
with olive oil, minced garlic, minced ginger, some basil leaves
and a wedge of lemon or lime. Then add your noodle brick along
with some romain lettuce, green onions, bean sprouts and carrots
(I get them out of the salad bar at the school, sneak them out
in an extra cup!) You can even add canned chicken which is also
found in the cheap section of a grocery market. Cook until the
consistency that you like it and serve! For extra pep, add some
sate (its a hot chili oil found in most oriental markets, you
can make it yourself with either olive oil or sesame and some
hot peper flakes and leave it alone for a month in a jar). Bon

Norwegian Ramen (with Surgeon General’s Warning)

Submitted By: The Noodle Family

Submitted From: California, USA

Mr. Noodlenose suggests that you use only as much seasoning as needed, then add finely sliced fresh vegetables and fishballs to your lovely snack. Fishballs can be found canned in American groceries. They are often m manufactured in Norway and are the seafood equivalent of our beloved frankfurter. They consist primarily of worms that live between the vertebrae of codfish. Japanese and Taiwanese fishballs can always be discovered in the frozen foods section of Asian foodstores. The Japanese also produce something called "fish cake". This is the same material in a prettier form. Fish cake is usually colored light red on one side. When sliced and laid atop your instant noodles, these elegant red-white leaves of fish furter will draw plaudits (or obits) from your discerning frat brothers.

Note: According to Mrs. Noodletoes, the very deadly part of the instant noodle kit is the unassuming little packet of salt/seasoning/preservatives/MSG that both Noodleguy and Noodlegal have seen unsupervised schoolmates consume with moistened fingers "as is". (See "Freebase Ramen" below.) These children are abusers who will become
addicted in time to still more dangerous chemicals. (Mrs. Noodletoes’ advisory might be taken with a grain of salt. After all, Mrs. Noodletoes also believes that Ramen Mania is a Japanese conspiracy meant to pollute the "precious bodily
fluids" of our nation’s young college-aged men and women.) Mrs. Noodletoes recommends that you discard or use less than the prescribed amount of the poisonous powder.

Western Ramen Recipe

Submitted By: Andrew Chavez

Submitted From: Cerritos, CA


  • 2 packages of Ramen (chicken flavor)
  • 3 hot dogs sliced
  • Optional: 3 celery stalks chopped
  • 2 eggs raw beaten

Boil 4 cups of water, add noodles, boil noodles until semi-soft, add sliced hot dogs, add chicken flavor packets, add chopped celery, stir in raw eggs. Let boil for 1 minute. Enjoy!