Korean Style Ramen

Submitted By: Melissa

Submitted From: Dover, Delaware


  • Oriental flavor Ramen Noodles
  • Pepperoni (thinly sliced)
  • Kimchi *
  • Green onions
  • One egg per package

Cook the noodles according to package instructions. When the noodles are halfway done, add the pepperoni. Let the noodles continue to cook (at medium heat). Then when the noodles are almost cooked, add the kimchi and egg. Tip #1- Sometimes the water soaks into the noodles, which leaves you without juice. If this occurs, just add more water and let it heat up. Tip #2- Certain types of pepperoni are very greasy. So, if you don't enjoy greasy food warm up the pepperoni in the microwave, on a paper towel. Then add it to the noodles. Next, add the green onions and serve immediately. Enjoy!!!

*Kimchi is pickled cabbage. In other words, it's spicy. You can find it in any oriental store.