Review: Japanese Style Udon Bowl

After painting my family room I was staving for some ramen. I opened up the new box from NoodleSon and pulled out this pack of "fresh noodles". The noodles were not dried, they were fresh and sealed in plastic. The container also had: dried vegetables and fish, a brown sauce, and a packet of crushed red pepper.

udon ramen

The instructions were fairly complex for ramen anyway. Boil water, and pour over the noodles. Wait two minutes. Drain. Add the other seasonings and add more boiling water. Wait one minute. Even though I was tired I managed to follow the directions and ended up witha yummy and spicy bowl of Udon noodles.

These noodles cost more than dried noodles, but they also taste better. The price is $2.19, which is not a bad price for a good lunch.

Review: Shin Ramyun (Hot & Spicy)

Ate my last package of ramen (from the old box) from NoodleSon today. Today’s lunch was the Nong Shim brand Shin Ramyun (Hot & Spicy). I fancied this one up (but was too lazy to take pictures). I cooked the noodles for about 2 minutes and then added some cooked bratwurst that I had laying around. I also added one egg and stirred it in, for a special "Egg Drop Brat Spicy Ramen". This ramen was very good.

The ramen "brick" was round and not square, and there were two seasoning packets. One was dried vegetables (carrots and such). The flavoring was red and was quite spicy. I cooked and ate this oe as a soup and it was quite tasty. The spice lingered a bit on my tongue and I really enjoyed the flavor.

I liked this ramen alot!

Review: Nong Shim Big Bowl Noodle

Came home from work last week to cook some lunch and decided to make some ramen. I pulled this beauty out of the pantry and fired up the microwave. After four minutes, I added the hot water to the ramen and was greeted by the pleasant aroma of a Japanese noodle house...

I am not totally sure what all the floaty things were in the ramen, but they tasted good. I think they were some type of seafood...

I ate the ramen quickly as it was very good. It has a seafood type flavor and some seaweed in it. It also has some yummy deep fried crouton like things as well.

I like this one the best of all the instant cup ramen that I was sent.

Review: Midori Tanuki Soba w/Tempura

Today for lunch, I had the Midori Tanuki Soba w/Tempura. This ramen came with some fried fish cakes and what appeared to be croutons as well. The noodles appeared to be made from whole wheat. There was also some sea weed pieces thrown in for good measure.

I don't have any pictures since I ate this at work (no cameras allowed at my office), so you will have to go on text only.

This ramen was quite good. It is the "add boiling water" variety of ramen and "cooks" quite quickly. The noodles were soft and there was enough broth to make it soupy. The broth and noodles have a seafood flavor (enhanced by the fried fish cake). The broth was very tasty and I finished it before I finished the noodles. This product is a step above your typical store purchased ramen, and I recommend it for a good lunch. One drawback of this product is the strong seafood aroma, which may not make you popular at work (I didn't get any complaints so far).

All in all, a good product, and well worth the price of $2.99.

Review: Shirakiki Toki Sen Karami Ramen

Before Cooking

I was hungry tonight at about 8PM (two hockey games and not enough dinner) and so I cooked up this ramen. I am not entirely sure what flavor it was, but it was spicy, perhaps chili pepper flavor? (I did peek at the site, and it is Hot & Spicy flavor...)

Cooking Ramen

I cooked the ramen per instructions, except for the note about "add seasoning to the pun", and in three minutes I had a tasty snack. This was very high quality ramen compared to the cheap store brands that I sometimes purchase. The noodles were good as was the broth. I recommend this ramen!

Review: Nissin Chow Mein with Shrimp

Today for lunch I ate the Nissin Chow Mein Ramen with Shrimp. This ramen was fairly challenging to cook, by ramen standards, as the directions had four steps and three packets of seasoning/additives. This ramen was also fairly unhealthy for you:

As mentioned above, the ramen had 3 packets: shrimp, dried flavoring, and liquid flavoring. The liquid flavoring was basically oil with garlic aroma, which certainly did not help the healthiness of the dish. The dried flavoring was very strong, and I only used about 1/2 of the packet. There was about 5-7 shrimp in the dish, not quite as many as the cover would have you believe (see pic below).

After cooking the ramen for 5.5 minutes, not much liquid was left (as noted by the directions). The noodles were fully cooked, although they were never fully immersed in the water (steam must have cooked them). After removing from the microwave, I added the flavorings and waited the requisit minute (better follow instructions here). Then I took it over to the couch (I'm watching football) and ate up.

Overall, the ramen was fairly good, and certainly worth the $1.29 price. It was a filling lunch for a Sunday afternoon. The only downside is the garlic/shrimp aftertaste in my mouth (as I write this review). I suspect you could make this healthier by removing the tablespoon of oil in the "liquid flavoring" and reduce the sodium by not using as much powdered shrimp flavor.