Living Only on Ramen

By now you may have heard of the UK girl who has eaten nothing but ramen for the past 13 years. She is surprisingly still alive. Anyway, contacted me to get my thoughts. They didn’t print what all I said about it, so I’ll share the full quote from me below. First the story:

A recent news story came out about an 18-year-old from the U.K. who eats the same thing every day – and nothing else. Georgi Readman is totally hooked on Ramen noodles. The 98-lb. girl has been eating them daily for 13 years and “hate(s) the texture of fruit and vegetables.” Unsurprisingly, doctors have condemned extreme diets like this one, stating that she likely “has the health of an 80-year-old” and may suffer from osteoporosis, kidney damage, hypertension, cognitive impairment, stunted growth, and of course, malnourishment.

The article continues:

Not all diets are as extreme as Readman’s, and most people who eat Ramen now and then wouldn’t dream of living exclusively on it. Matt Fischer, for example, is a Ramen critic and expert who told us, “If that was all you were going to eat, you’d really need to enhance it with extra ingredients.” Matt went on to recommend Ramen stir fries, salads, and even egg drop soup.

Now what I continued to say was “You can also make it bit healthier by using less of the flavor packet which is where all the sodium is. Personally, I could never do it, I like variety too much, even with a versatile ingredient like ramen.” I did not go into the health impacts, and I am not a doctor, but there is not a single thing on earth, besides water, that you should eat that much of.

I’m curious, what’s the longest you guys have gone eating only ramen? For me it’s probably only a day.

Lucky Peach Magazine 1st Issue is All About Ramen

Someone sent me a note about a new magazine called Lucky Peach. The magazine is a quarterly “journal of food writing”, and each issue will cover a single topic. We’re lucky to have the first issue be about ramen, 174 pages of ramen. From browsing the website, I see a cool looking recipe for fresh alkaline noodles, but unfortunately the image is too small to read, so I’ll have to try and find a copy of the magazine.

“No, this is 174 pages about ramen. Really.
It’s part-literary magazine, part-conversation between friends and a whole lot of attitude about the state of noodles and cooking, the first of what will be a sprawling quarterly mix of ideas, art and recipes in exploration of a single topic.
“We thought the first one that was fitting to talk about was ramen because there was so much that hadn’t been talked about in English,” Chang, the force behind New York’s Momofuku restaurants, told The Stew.

And from another story:

But here’s the thing. Lucky Peach is good. It’s so good that if I hadn’t received a free press subscription, I would immediately pay the $28 annual rate to receive four issues of maybe the most original and best new food magazine that will debut this year.

The website for the magazine is here: Lucky Peach and there are some good articles on it here and here.

In Colorado? Watch 9 News @ 10 Tonight.

The 9 News van is on the way to my house to watch me cook some ramen recipes and discuss the state of ramen. I had about 90 minute notice and they caught me with no ramen in the house! I ran to the store and I plan on making a soup and a stir-fry style dish as well.

PS – 9 News is the best local news channel in Denver, regardless of whether or not I’m on!

Cleveland Plain-Dealer Hates Ramen

Fran Henry (no relation to Fran Drescher) doesn’t like ramen, and she wants YOU to know about it! Among the arguments: It’s high in calories, high in fat, high in sodium. I may agree with points 2 and 3, but 400 calories for lunch isn’t bad for you, sorry Fran. Also, if I lived somewhere where the river has been known to catch on fire, I might not consider ramen a threat to my health…


Fueled by Ramen Article

While I was on vacation I answered some questions from Michael Danahey of the Suburban Chicago News. This great article is the result.


If you are looking for ideas for spicing up the dish — and avoiding the high-sodium packet that comes with the noodles — Matt Fischer of Fort Collins, Colo., has his own Web site,, which is devoted to the inexpensive noodle. Fischer started the site 10 years ago during his freshman year of college.


On UMR’s Website

I recently did a short interview for my alma matter, the University of Missouri-Rolla. I was the subject of an article in the alumni magazine and also on the front page of their website. I started this webpage in 1995/1996 in my dorm room (TJ-8 South), and used to update recipes to static HTML by hand. Around 1997-1998, I moved to a flat-file database that was parsed by PERL. In 2003-2004, I finally moved to the blog format.

Here is the article.

PS – That is my wedding pic.

Excellent Ramen Story from the Lawrence (Kansas) Journal-World

The Lawrence Journal-World, of Lawrence, Kansas (home of KU) wrote up an excellent story on ramen, with some quotes from me of course. The author also toured campus asking students how they cooked it. Someone is quoted as saying that ramen costs 39 cents. Man, I rememeber when it was 19 cents. How times have changed. Anyway, the article is a great read.