Ramen Page Status

Many of you ramen fans may have been dreaming of using a fancy ramen recipe last night to impress your Saturday night dinner guests. Unfortunately, my service provider was undergoing a DoS attack. As of late Saturday night, it seems to be under control as I can finally see the site and read my emails. Hopefully you were able to improvise if you could not get to the recipe page. 😉

Are You Kidding Me?

No, I was not consulted on the script… Also, what is a dramedy?

Brittany Murphy To Play ‘The Ramen Girl’

Brittany Murphy will star in Media 8 Entertainment’s romantic dramedy The Ramen Girl, says the Hollywood Reporter.

The feature, helmed by Robert Allan Ackerman, follows an American woman (Murphy) who finds herself stranded in Tokyo after a bad breakup. She decides to train as a ramen noodle chef with a tough instructor (Toshiyuki Nishida).

The project is scheduled to begin shooting in September with a theatrical release next year.


Upgraded to WP 2.0.2

I know you guys love “meta”, so here goes:

I moved out of the stone age and upgraded to Word Press 2.0.2 on Saturday. Aside from the obnoxious new editor, it’s pretty slick. Upgrading was easy, a simple process really. If anything is broken, use the link on the right and let me know.

Update: And the winner is! The email form, which was broken until about 15 seconds ago. Sorry about that.

Under New Management!

I am excited to announce that The Official Ramen Homepage has been purchased by Google. Google is looking to integrate ramen recipes and reviews into their products, such as Google Toolbar and Google Desktop. We have been partnering with Google for some time, but this takes the relationship to a new level. Google also plans on integrating this page with it’s China subsidiary by disallowing connections from mainland China (Hong Kong connections will still be allowed).

Look for a new interface coming soon.

For the curious, although I cannot disclose the actual terms of the deal, it was made in cash, GOOG warrants, and GOOG puts. The value is in excess of $3 million US dollars.

More Anti-Spam Measures

I have taken some additional anti-spam measures after some spammers made it through my “captcha” filter. The comments were all regarding “Texas Hold’Em”, “Student Loans”, and “Ringtones” which apparently are more popular than viagra to spam about these days. The following new anti-spam measures were taken:

  1. Added some new words to the WP internal comment filter, including “holdem”, “ringtones”, and “loans”.
  2. Installed the wp-hashcash plug-in. This plug-in requires javascript to run, so if you don’t have javascript you will no longer be able to comment, sorry… (Thanks to “May” for pointing this out in an earlier comment.)wp-hashcash didn’t do anything to stop spam…
  3. Modified some settings for my captcha to make it more difficult to get past.
  4. Disabled trackbacks and pingbacks.
  5. Removed my old captcha, and added a new one.
  6. Added Bad Behavior

So Far Behind…

I am so far behind… I have about a 4 month backlog of recipes built-up, so if yours doesn’t post soon, don’t worry, it might still make it. I post about 60-75% of recipes I receive, but sometimes it can be a couple of months late. I do always write back to people who’s recipes I post.