TSA Announces New Policy: “No Ramen On the Plane”

The TSA (Transportation Security Adminstration) has announced a new policy, “No ramen will be allowed on planes”. This is part of their (the TSA’s) ever expanding policies that are designed to increase air safety. According to a source at the TSA, “ramen could not only be a fire hazard” and “we aren’t really sure what the flavor packet contains”. Several airlines lobbied for this change because they felt that ramen was eroding some of the revenue that they get by selling boxed meals.

TSA screening device, with “ramen detection capabilities”

Personally, I feel this policy is misguided, but we must keep our skies safe to protect our freedom. Who knows, maybe there will be ramen sellers outside of the airports now?

Cleveland Plain-Dealer Hates Ramen

Fran Henry (no relation to Fran Drescher) doesn’t like ramen, and she wants YOU to know about it! Among the arguments: It’s high in calories, high in fat, high in sodium. I may agree with points 2 and 3, but 400 calories for lunch isn’t bad for you, sorry Fran. Also, if I lived somewhere where the river has been known to catch on fire, I might not consider ramen a threat to my health…


Mr. Momofuku Ando Has Died – My Comments

Mr Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant ramen died on January 5, 2007. There are plenty of websites with his history (here and here), so I will not repeat their content, but I did want to offer some comments.

Ramen noodles have become a staple food source for many segments of the population. They are so versatile that you can make a meal in 3 minutes for 25 cents, or a meal in 3 hours for 25 dollars. In either case, we owe these meals to Mr Momofuku Ando, who mastered his flash-frying method in 1958, thereby creating the instant ramen market.

Instant Ramen is more than a food for cash-strapped college students (although thats where many of us “picked up the habit”). My neighbor’s health-conscious (and pregnant) wife has gone back to ramen as a comfort food. I offer my final proof of the widespread consumption of ramen, with this data from the Wikipedia: an estimated 70 Billion servings were sold in 2004. That’s enough ramen for about 11 servings per person per year! So, when you consider that ramen is just a simple food or a minor invention, think of what other things in the world have grown from 1 to 70,000,000,000 servings in the past 49 years.

Thank you Mr Momofuku Ando, for many great meals and for being the cause for this website’s existence.

Update: Fixed the numbers, 70,000,000,000 not 70,000,000 — thanks for the comment!

And in the Business Section Today…

Mergers, hostile take-overs, proxy fights, and… ramen? Apparently the world of ramen and high finance have come together at last in this tawdry tale of offers and counter-offers.

Nissin Food Products Co. announced Wednesday it will launch a public tender offer for Myojo Foods Co. to help the rival instant-noodle maker stop a hostile takeover by a U.S. investment fund.

Anyone know which noodle Myojo makes? Do they even make ramen? I’m too lazy to look it up today.


At Least They Didn’t Go Marcus Vick on Me

The fine folks at Virginia Tech University (who sometimes pull a gun on you in the Mc Donald’s parking lot), wrote a story about ramen and used one of my recipes. I suppose that’s okay, but I do always like a heads-up. If you can’t tell, I come from a part of the country where we ain’t too happy with Va Tech, especially their football team.


Noodle Bar Robber Pays Bill and Then Runs

Thanks to an alert reader who sent this in!

Japanese noodle-bar robber pays bill before getaway
03 November 2006

TOKYO: Police are looking for a robber who held up a noodle bar in western Japan then paid for his meal and waited for his change before making off.

The young man ate a bowl of “ramen” noodles and a side order of fried chicken at a restaurant in the city of Osaka then produced a knife and forced a waitress to hand over takings of 46,000 yen ($393), the Sports Nippon newspaper said.

When the woman demanded he pay for his meal, the robber gave her 1000 yen and waited for his 100 yen change before running away, the paper said.