Ramen Prices Concern South Korea’s President

It seems that in South Korea (AKA Republic of Korea), the price of noodles (ramen and otherwise) is a major gauge of inflation. If only GWB would spend an hour discussing the ever increasing price of noodles in this country I think we'd be able to get some work done in DC.

Korean makers of ramen raised the price for a pack by 100 won (11 cents) earlier this month, causing people to rush to snap them up by the case before the increase.


Camp Recipes

I did an email interview last week with Stu from CampRecipes.com. CampRecipes.com is a cool site and I was glad to hear about it from Stu. I love to camp (backpacking and car camping) and I always end up eating the same stuff. This site has some better ideas to use.

Link to the article

Ramen Eating Contest in NYC

I meant to post this last week, but then I forgot, sorry!

Excerpt: Given that the typical night in a noodle bar basically looks (and sounds) like a competitive-eating contest, it’s not hard to imagine what's store for us at the 2007 Naruto Wii World Ramen Eating Championship Saturday at the Nintendo Store in Rockefeller Center. (The contest is part of the launch of a new Nintendo Wii game.) On the other hand, it’s always a question as to which New York eater is going to come out on top. Over on Epicurious, Michael Park profiles a few of the contenders including rivaling roommates Crazy Legs Conti and Tim “Eater X” Janus.

Link has a great photo:


Another link with more contest info:


From the “Corporate BS” Department…

This is why you shouldn’t trust PR shills, they end up writing crap like this and it finds it's way to Google News. And here's how I know it's BS, I've never even heard of this company, so this may was well come from the Brussels Sprouts Association.

"Youth of America Rejecting Ramen Noodles -- Increasingly Opting for Healthier, Ready-to-Eat Gourmet Fare From Kohinoor"


Give me a call when there's a popular Kohinoor recipe site fellas.

Will Someone Think of the Children?

The Korean (South) government is going to ban soft drinks in order to improve the health of students, but they are also going to restrict ramen! The article also links ramen to obesity (or is missing some punctuation). Also, “The ministry will also encourage students to brush their teeth after lunch and wash their hands frequently." Korean parents are said to be relieved as they no longer have anything to do in raising their kids except provide them a bed.


Follow-Up: Space Ramen Tastes Good

I posted before about space ramen from Nissin, but here’s a review. Also, the site was dead for a few days last weekend, but I was out of town and the issue was with my webhost, they fixed it after an email...

Link to Full Story & Excerpt:

I found the ramen, created by Nissin Food Products Co., the most interesting. Famous for inventing instant noodles, Nissin began developing space ramen in the summer of 2001.

So far, they have produced three flavors: soy sauce, seafood and curry. I tried seafood ramen first. Preparation is not a whole lot different from regular ramen.

Is this Serious? Noodle Baths…

Is it April Fools Day in Japan today? If not, apparently you can take a “noodle bath”, which is “good for the health as its ingredients help improve the bather’s metabolism and also helps cleansing the skin." Call me skeptical, but I'm guessing that MSG isn't that good for your skin, but maybe all the salt does something for you.


Video (from CNN)

Space Ramen

From the International Herald Tribune


TOKYO: Japanese astronauts in for long-term stays at the International Space Station can look forward to having ramen noodles, rice balls and green tea on their menus, Japan's space agency said Wednesday.

With help from companies such as Nissin Food Products, the agency, JAXA, has come up with 29 dishes intended to provide Japanese spacefarers with familiar food in their "bonus packs," the agency said in a statement.


Proving You Can Major in Anything…

Okay, so it’s not really a major, but still UCLA recently held a symposium on Japanese Studies. One of the attendees, George S. Solt, from UC-San Diego presented his thesis on: “”Everybody Loves Ramen: Changing Dietary Habits and the Popularization of Chinese Noodle-Soup in Modern Japan". The article explains some about the thesis paper, but I didn't get a link to the whole thing (if you have one, please add it in the comments).

LINK to the story about the thesis

PS - Too bad I'm doing a non-thesis Master's degree...