Ramen Costs More in Jail

It seems that jail is like a movie theater in that they know that they can gouge you for the snacks, the good news is that you don’t have to watch Ben Affleck or Nicholas CoppolaCage films in jail most nights. I know that around here (in Colorado), ramen is not 10 cents a pack, even at Sams Club, but it is certainly not $1.06 per pack either.

From PhillyBurbs.com:

The price of instant noodles and candy bars in the Bucks County Prison became a subject of discussion this week as the county commissioners considered a contract with a company to supply snacks, clothing and toiletries to inmates.


A female inmate interviewed during a 2008 inspection complained that Ramen noodles available for 10 cents in a food store cost $1.06 in the prison, according to notes Marseglia provided. The price of Ramen is now listed as 95 cents. Another prisoner complained in a March letter to Marseglia about the $2.75 price of Little Debbie Snack Cakes.

After the meeting, Marseglia said dissatisfaction among prisoners is harmful to the atmosphere at the facility.

"When you treat people in such a way that you make people feel they are being gouged, you create a hostile environment and you put our workers at risk," Marseglia said. "When you put our workers at risk, you are putting tax dollars at risk. And you're certainly not creating an environment where you can change people's attitudes about society."

Don’t Eat Too Much Ramen Says Down Under Doc

My colleague at work “Wild” Bill McCollom sent me this story, but apparently if you eat too much ramen and not enough other stuff, you can get sick. There is no mention as to whether Natural Light offers any complementary nutrition when paired with ramen. Also is this really ground-breaking? Cash-poor students have been eating ramen for years!

The full story is here.

Researchers Dr Danielle Gallegos and Kai Wen Ong surveyed 811 Brisbane-based university students on their household income, health and nutrition status, and access to food.


Dr Gallegos said cash-strapped university students were prioritising university fees, accommodation and bills over "discretionary expenses'' such as food.


"There seems to be an acceptance out there that getting by on less nutritious food is a typical part of being a uni student,'' she said. "But a diet of baked beans and instant noodles is not good enough when health and academic results are at stake.


RamenBox offers the “worlds first customizable box of ramen”, where you pick from over 50 types of “premium ramen” and they put it all together, and mail it to you. These are not your 10 cent packages of ramen, they are more higher end, rare, and more interesting flavors. Personally, I'd like to try WuMu Garlic Sesame Oil ramen and the Paldo Fire Ramen The site even has a vegetarian section, and a selection of non-fried noodles, which have up to 80% less fat.

They offer 2 box sizes, a 20 slot box for $19.95 and a 40 slot box for $34.95. Much of the ramen packets take up 1 slot, but stuff that is large will take more of your slots.

Hey Ramenbox.com guys, send me a box!


UPDATE (June 20, 2010): I'm sadly still awaiting my box. They contacted me and said they'd send one, but nothing yet!

Boil It Like Beckham

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Northwestern’s Take on Ramen

I actually visited Northwestern University once in 1996 with a college friend. I don’t remember much of that trip to Chiacgo other than asking the security guard if we could walk to the top of the Sears Tower, he said “no”, and then waiting outside the art museum for 6 hours to try and see the Monet exhibit (we gave up and left). Regardless, Minhee Kang

has a great article on some interesting ramen recipes. I'd choose choice 1.

Campus Craving: Radical Ramen Noodles

Dinner Impossible Recipe: Pork Ramen Alfredo-College Dorm Special

Dinner Impossible is a show on the Food Network where the guy is given a pile of ingredients and then has to cook for say 500 people in something like 18 minutes. I exagurrate a bit, but on the episode that aired on March 13, 2010, Dorm Food Doom, Chef Robert made what sounds like a good ramen recipe.

On his next mission, Robert is off to college on a mission to transform student dorm food into gourmet fare. Robert must prepare a meal for 100 University of North Carolina students in just 6 hours, using only the food he can find in student housing. No grocery stores, no raiding the cafeteria, and definitely no cheating!

The recipe was Pork Ramen Alfredo-College Dorm Special, which sounds not too healthy, but very tasty.

One question remains: Who keeps mascarpone cheese in their dorm room?

1 Meter Long Noodles from Nissin

If anyone is in Japan, I’d love to see a picture of this.

Full story

TOKYO, Jan 13 (Bernama) — Nissin Foods Holdings Co. said Tuesday it will release in March a limited number of cup noodle products using 1-meter-long noodles to commemorate the centennial of the birth of Momofuku Ando, the late inventor of instant noodles and cup noodles 13, Japan's Kyodo news agency reported.

The company said the noodles will be the longest ever to be used for a cup noodle product, surpassing the 70-centimeter buckwheat noodles in the ''Donbei tempura soba'' -- currently the longest for Nissin -- and taking after the Chinese tradition of eating long noodle dishes on birthdays to symbolise longevity.

Super Ramen BROTHers for iPhone/iPod Touch

Two iPhone app developers decided to write an app in 24 hours, an app based on “absurdity”, and the result was Super Ramen BROTHers. Personally I own an iPod Touch (which can run iPhone apps) and will be installing this game later tonight. The price is right (Free) even if you end up not liking it.

Schwartz and Kiymaz decided to try and develop a full-featured iPhone game, including all of the art, animation, music, sound effects, and everything, all within a single day — 24 hours.



Well, you control both of the Ramen brothers as they flee down the cashier's conveyor belt in an effort to avoid that laser scanning thing and, ultimately, two cups of boiling, stovetop death. In their flight, down the three-lane conveyor belt, they must jump or dodge (tap or drag) other grocery items, as every collision jolts the Ramen packs back one notch closer to doom. Soy sauce packets picked up along the way help the Ramen brothers edge back forward towards freedom. AGON community integration provides leaderboard tracking — an impressive touch for a one-day app.

A Food Service View of Ramen & Asian Noodles

A friend sent me this link last week of an article in a food service industry magazine called Food Product Design that describes the taxonomy of ramen and other Asian noodles and details their usage. A bit nerdy, but still you can pick up some interesting points. The sweet potato noodles, mentioned in the excerpt, sound intriguing. I'm picturing them with a sweet and spicy sauce and some chicken.

Sweet potato noodles are popular in Korea, where they’re called tangmyon. Functionally like cellophane noodles, they have a taste and texture that are similar, too. Japanese shirataki noodles, made from the konjac plant, are a low-carb, gluten-free alternative. They’re also low-calorie, thanks to our bodies metabolizing their main structural component, the hydrocolloid glucomannan, as dietary fiber.

Ramen factory is shovel ready and helping to rebuild America

Google news popped this brief story from Richmond, VA tonight: Maruchan is expanding a ramen plant in Richmond, VA. The expansion will add 50 new jobs and will surely stimulate the economy in the former CSA capital. I know that some other companies have plants in California, anyone know where some other ones are?

The story is only about 5 sentences long and these are the main points:

Maruchan Virginia Inc. announced Thursday that it has completed a new manufacturing line, which will add 50 jobs. The $18 million project is the ninth manufacturing line at the Chesterfield plant.