This New Twitter Thing: @RamenHomepage is Live

When this website was first written, in 1996, there were no blogs. I would download emails using Eudora on my 486 in my dorm room and then hand edit HTML to add the new recipes. Back then the only people online were college students, which worked out well for me. Fast forward a few years and now we've got this whole twitter thing. I was resistant to it at first, but now I think it's a great way to be notified of new posts on this blog and a good way for you to alert me of new cool ramen stuff. To that end, I finally have a twitter account for this blog: @RamenHomepage

Strangest Email That I’ve Received So Far…

I’ve run this site for over 10 years now and I've had some weird emails. I've been on the local news, I've been on a Japanese radio show, but never until this week have I been contacted by the FDA. Apparently even the FDA thinks that I make ramen or would know how to identify a manufacturing facility based on a product code. I'm not a big fan of the FDA, and this confirms most of my feelings about them...

Obnoxious Comment Spammers

Please excuse the “meta”, I need to complain for a minute.

There is a new type of comment spammer that I keep having to deal with here. Someone, a bot presumably, will post “Hey great post, I really liked it” and attach a URL. Now, I don't display the URLs (unless that broke in an upgrade) so this is useless. But it means that I have to decide whether a "Hey nice job" is really Spam or not.

The latest offender here is a shower enclosure company in the UK. They appear to be a legit business, not just a place you can buy Viagra, so I'm curious how they chose spamming a ramen blog to generate business. Anyway, thanks to .htaccess they are now blocked from this site. If they continue to offend, I will be posting their phone number and as much information as I can find on the owners here. You've been warned shower enclosure douchebags!

New Policy Regarding Comments

This policy change effects only spammers and I know that spammers never read the blog anyway so they'll never notice this.

If you spam me and give your email address (which some of you are dumb enough to you), I will post your email address here for everyone to see and hopefully for spambots to pick up. Heck, maybe even a reader will sign you up for a "free iPod" website, but I'm not going to encourage any vigilantism.

You have been warned.

PS - Since it seems unbelievable that someone would spam with their own email, they often do. It usually looks like this:

Hi there, I agree with what you are saying in the post. These comments are interesting. I will check again later to comment back.

v1agra dot com

New Header

In honor of The Official Ramen Homepage being banned in China, I asked a friend of mine to add a “button” similar to the “As Seen on TV” logos. The result is in the header. We will probably keep it up for awhile just as a badge of honor.

The design was done by my friend who works at Charles Ryan Associates (CRA), in the Richmond, VA office. Look them up if you need any advertising (print, radio, web, tv, etc).