Ramen Heist in Georgia

If you’re going to get arrested for burglary, you might want to steal something worth more than $7. Then again, you might be real hungry.

Officers located 10 packages of Ramen noodles and a knife there, a report said. Kennedy noted it was unclear if more was taken from the home because the homeowner was away. Sahlberg was reportedly able to place 17-year-old Richmond Hill resident Damon Cordona at the scene of the crime as well. Enough evidence was gathered to arrest Cordona, Morris and Vonherbulis for burglary, police say.

Upgrades and What Not

I’ve upgraded to PHP5 and WordPress 2.9. Not that you care, but if the site breaks or some stuff is broken, please contact me using the form on the right. (I did already have to hack the Facebook add-in).


Make As Much Noise As Possible When Eating Ramen

Tell your mom/wife/girlfriend that I say it’s okay: you may slurp loudly when eating ramen.
According to Shizuo Tsuji’s book Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art:

Like sipping piping hot Japanese soup, to really enjoy noodles, one must imbibe them fast with a cooling intake of breath. To do this involves a decided sucking sound, which easily deteriorates into a slurp.

Read the full quote at Washington City Paper, it also includes a picture of a yummy looking bowl of fresh ramen. Anyone know what the green stuff is on the right? I see seaweed in there, is that spinach or just more seaweed?

Ramen factory is shovel ready and helping to rebuild America

Google news popped this brief story from Richmond, VA tonight: Maruchan is expanding a ramen plant in Richmond, VA. The expansion will add 50 new jobs and will surely stimulate the economy in the former CSA capital. I know that some other companies have plants in California, anyone know where some other ones are?

The story is only about 5 sentences long and these are the main points:

Maruchan Virginia Inc. announced Thursday that it has completed a new manufacturing line, which will add 50 jobs. The $18 million project is the ninth manufacturing line at the Chesterfield plant.

Ramen News?

I occasionally search Google news to see if there is any news in the world of ramen. Usually this time of year we get the “back to school” ramen stuff showing up, but it’s been pretty slow, maybe there’s a new dorm food in town?

Anyway, when I do these searches, I find 3 things that I need to filter out:

1) Ramen can be a first name, or even a last name. Mainly in India or Indonesia.
2) Fueled by Ramen is a record label, and they have at least 3 bands that I’ve heard of.
3) There’s alot of fresh ramen shops opening up, but 95% are on the west coast or in NYC.


4) Ramen was a computer worm back in 2001.

Back in the Day…

Did you know that the Internets existed in 1996? The did, but not quite like they do now. I recently found a CD-ROM from JapanOnline in my desk. They used some of my recipes for a CD that they made in 1996. I can’t seem to run or install it on my XP machine as it’s for “Mac or Windows 95”, I even tried compatibility mode.

Unfortunately all the text is in Japanese, but I did find this gem, my entire website from my time at UMR/MST, including some of the TJ 8 South webpage.

Old School

Did you know that the Internets used to look like this?

Not shown on the screen-cap is some “breaking news” that I had added a mirror copy of the recipe page that was black text on a white background so printers didn’t have to print the yellow on black.

If anyone can give me a link to some product info that would be great, the bar code/ISBN? number is: 4 516662 003045

Facebook Connect Enabled

You may now sign use Facebook connect to sign comments and I think you can also push stories back to your Facebook page. I also re-did the sidebar, so please let me know what I broke. Enjoy using the Facebook connect features! (It’s in the sidebar).