Travelling Ramen Shows in Portland

In Portland, Oregon, Chef Patrick Fleming and Brannon Riceci has created a travelling ramen roadshow called “Boke Bowl”. You can follow Boke Bowl on Facebook or Twitter if you live in the area and see where their next visit is going to be. Unfortunately, the town where I live is too small to have cool ideas like this, but Portland is a great town and stuff like this is why. If anyone from Portland tries this, let me know!

Here in Portland, Chef Patrick Fleming has set out to share his take on ramen in an interesting, if not ephemeral, way. Fleming and longtime friend Brannon Riceci started “Boke Bowl,” a sporadic, traveling ramen roadshow that takes over various spaces throughout the city and uses them as pop-up restaurants.

Fleming’s take on ramen is admittedly not the traditional fare, but nonetheless, it aims to please with its pan-Asian fusion of ingredients and style.


New Zero Calorie Ramen to Use Recycled Plastic

Several ramen companies in Korea have joined together and are working on what they claim will “reduce Western fattiness and beautify our cities”. Their solution? Ramen noodles made from recycled plastic. It sounds odd and maybe not flavorful, so I’ll just quote them, “plastic is heated and molded into noodles. During this process it is infused with best flavors for enjoyable tasting. The person will not digest this noodles and so, no fat gaining!”. They further claim that “using old plastic bottles and bags will increase beauty in all cities”.

image by Steve Bullivant

No release date was given for the new noodles, although I’m betting on Earth Day. Personally I think the idea is great and can’t wait to try them.

photo by Andrea Rota

Ramen Junket to Tokyo

One of the best ways to experience a foreign country is to experience it’s great food. To that end, this popped-up in my inbox last week.

NYT GO: RAMEN is NYT GO’s first trial. With the recent global popularity of Ramen, the tour’s first destination is Tokyo. Tokyo is the origin of Ramen. The “mecca” has over 5,000 Ramen shops. The tour is an economical and smart 7 day trip for the busy, creative, and urban youth. With visits to various key points such as the Raumen Museum and other locations with the tour group, you will also have plenty of free time on your designed trip!

I don’t live in New York and I can’t afford a trip to Japan, but this sure sounds like fun. If anyone who reads this blog goes, please let me know, I’d like to post some of your experiences and pics.

Momofuku Noodle Bar Chef David Chang’s New iPad App

Most ramen fans cannot afford an iPad, unless you are forced to eat ramen because you bought one, but for those of you with an iPad, check out this new app from Momofuku Noodle Bar chef David Chang.

…the first app will present an interactive bowl of ramen from his Momofuku Noodle Bar. Clicking the ingredients in the image will reveal about 35 videos, 50 recipes, graphics and other elements.

“We thought the ramen was the best thing to start with,” he said. “Within that soup there’s so many things. We wanted to see how far we could go down that rabbit hole.”

The ramen app will include a tour of a ramen factory in Japan; an interview with Allan Benton, the Tennessee smokehouse master whose bacon is used in the broth; a consultation with Harvard food scientists about Mr. Chang’s efforts to make a pork-based variant of dashi; a talk by Harold McGee (green-screened into outer space) on hot broth’s effects on noodles; and a scrollable time line tracing the rise of ramen in Japan over the last century. There will also be appearances by Wylie Dufresne, Charlie Rose and Anthony Bourdain, and plenty of cooking demonstrations.

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Very Expensive Ramen

Time Magazine reports on a $300+ bowl of ramen from Taiwan. There’s no way I’m spending $300 on one bowl of ramen. My max would be $20 and even then, it’d have to be pretty awesome.

One bowl of these noodles costs as much as a lifetime supply of Top Ramen. Enjoy responsibly.

But one Taiwanese chef is spicing up the standard noodle soup, with a price tag that could break the bank. Restaurateur Wang Cong-yuan has created the world’s most expensive bowl of beef noodles. The price tag stands at $10,000 New Taiwan dollars – a staggering US$324.

I Need Recipes

I was hoping to post a recipe tonight, but ever since I posted the email address directly on the site, the number of recipes I’ve received has fallen precipitously. If you have a great ramen recipe, send it to

If instead, you want to send me notes about how you found (rocks, a needle, no flavor packet) in your ramen and that if I don’t pay up now, you’re going to sue me, I only accept those if they are hand-delivered by a rider on an large-taloned eagle.

Ramen Shops

When I first started this site back in 1996, I didn’t even know that ramen shops existed. Now they are in every major city in the US. The town I live in only has about 120,000 people and has no ramen shop. Have you guys ever been to one?

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Knitting Ramen With Chopsticks

Yes, just what the title says. I can only imagine the boredom that led to this.

From the Toronto Sun

Knitter Carissa Browning learned that quickly when she decided to see if she could turn noodles and chopsticks into “something unusual.”

Knitting is her main hobby, says Browning, 27, who lives in a Dallas suburb and works at Starbucks. Her most complicated project thus far has been a traditional sweater for her husband with a pattern of skulls and crossbones.

Ramen Tattoo!

Jimmy from Illinois sent me this note and attached picture today:

I have seen many people with Japanese and Chinese writing on their tattoos. So for the last five years I have wanted to have my own. I bought a package of Ramen noodles from the Oriental store and had it tattooed on my arm yesterday. Here is a pic of it.

Can anyone read it? I’d always be afraid that the guy wrote “idiot” on my arm.