How Do You Cook Your Ramen?

Vaughn W from Pittsburgh wrote in with this question… “How do the readers cook their ramen?”

I usually prefer soup to noodles. This means I also usually break-up my ramen and add the seasoning to the water. I also really like adding an egg to my ramen, along with some green onions (other veggies take too long to soften up).

How about you guys?

  • Do you break up your noodles or leave the brick intact?
  • Do you prefer to eat ramen as a soup or as noodles?
  • Do you add the spices/seasoning to the water, or add it to the noodles post-cooking?

Poggri Noodles

Hopefully Poggri isn’t a swear word in Korean. Anyway, Troy writes from South Korea…

Hey first of all, it’s great to see such a website actually exist on the web! Didn’t know you guys (wherever you are) love Korean ramyun as much as the natives here in Korea.

Well it’s not really a recipe, but this is what many soldiers do while they serve in the military. Just a reminder, in Korea all men above 20 have to serve the military/police or social volunteers for 2 years.

Get a noodle, and break the noodle into half or more. Then carefully open up the top of the package, and pour the soup base and additives. Don’t put all the soup base if you don’t want it too salty. Boil the water and pour into the noodle bag. Don’t put too much water because the bag might break. The point is not to leak any water. Use one of those instant wood chopsticks or some kind of a clamp to close up the lid.

Wait for around 3-4 minutes, then you’re ready to eat. It’s kind of an alternative to instant cup noodles, and it certainly does taste different from ordinary cooked ramyun. But almost all Korean men in the military have done this, because it’s easy to carry, cheaper and more variability than cup noodles. You kinda get sick of cup noodles when you eat too much, but somehow these ‘poggri’ noodles get addicitive when you become used to it. I highly recommend Shin Ramyun, Seafood Ramyun by NS (the one with the squid), Ansungtangmyun and Japaghetti for this job. For Japaghetti, make sure you pour out most of the water first then mix the soup base and oil.


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Ramen Eatery?

Lance writes from St Louis…

The wife and I have been raman junkies for years. We rented a small nice outfitted location. We have some time to get things right, but we will be open soon. Looking at offering a Raman eatery. Sit down for 40 folks and to go orders. We have made many a great dish with ramen. We are out fitted with foutain soda and water.

    I have a few questions:

  • Best way to offer menu. We have the house recipes, but look to have a flier type paper with boxes for the folks to check. You want beef you check beef you want fresh peas you check that and so on. You get the point. You also would be able to check the sauses and other “chemicals” you would like. Like Curry, soy, garlic salt, fresh gInger and so on. Boiled, fried or deep fried noodle available. Then check to go or eat in.
  • Looking at have a set price. Very simple. Lunch in is 4.20 take out or delivery is 5.20. Comes with soda or water. Dinner would be a little more because we would have fresh hot tea and offer free desert.
  • Any help I can get for pricing on Fresh Raman. We are looking at using dried, but still want to find very good quality fresh.

Any ideas or comments, please post. Also if you frequent other fresh ramen eateries, please share your thoughts on prices…